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The Silencing of The Sheeple With Fluoride

December 31, 2013

* Fluorine Compounds Make you Stupid – Why is the Government not merely allowing, but promoting them?
* For the Zionists, 2013 was like 1944 was to the Nazis – Benjamin Fulford, December 30, 2013

Fluoride has been poisoning us, numbing our minds and dumbing us down for well over 40 years. It is not a vitamin nor any other essential element that is good for you! Fluoride is a poison and a neurotoxin that destroys the pineal gland at the centre of your brain. The ancients referred to this critical gland/organ as the Third Eye. It is supposed to pick up a wide variety of frequencies that allow us to have a natural “extra sensory perception” because the internal structure of the pineal gland is just like our eyes – but infinitely more powerful as it should connect us to the resonance around us everywhere.

Please inform yourselves – and tell everyone. Ignorance will not protect you or save you from the draconian attack on humanity by our governments and their bankster puppet masters. Face the facts – the government is NOT your friend and they are doing everything to keep each and every one of us enslaved by every means possible. Poisoning our food and water is part of the Master Plan.


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  1. “Fluorine Compounds Make you Stupid – Why is the Government not merely allowing, but promoting them?”


    Wish you a Happy New Year 2014.

    Just to share this…

    Published on Feb 19, 2013
    Michael Tellinger faced Standard Bank in the Supreme Court of Johannesburg on the 13th Feb 2013. This was in response to Michael’s Summons against the bank which includes 5 counts of fraud and more. The bank was represented by a gallery of 5 lawyers, the top litigating lawyer from Norton Rose, and one of the most senior advocates in South Africa — Shem Symon. Standard Bank were trying their best to have the case thrown out based on a list of exceptions they drew to the Summons — the exceptions were that the allegations were “vague and embarrassing”. Because of the fact that Michael Tellinger represented himself as a “layperson” he was given lenience by the judge who refused the bank’s request to have the matter thrown out — but instead, gave Michael 30 days to submit a new Summons.
    This was a big setback for STD bank. The next step is to ensure that the next set of documents is watertight and allows us to finally cross examine the bank in a trial. This has never happened in South African courts and this is what the bank cannot afford. Their fraud will be exposed in a cross-examination and questioning on the subject of SECURITISATION.
    The bank has no legal right to start legal action against anyone if the loan/bond/contract has been sold into securitisation. They are no longer the owner of the contract or bond and are committing fraud by continuing to extort money from people for such loans or acting against people and causing their homes to be repossessed and auctioned off.
    It is this kind of criminal activity that has destroyed the lives of millions of people around the world.

    You be the judge.


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