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Press Release: Flight 370 Rescued, Safe in the Hands of Galactic Ship

March 20, 2014

Take this for what it’s worth. You be the judge.

* UFO Spotted Over Ukraine
* Radar Playback of the Moment Malaysia Flight 370 Vanished!

Perhaps our PM Najib may want to consider contacting our Malaysian astrophysicist Mazlan Othman, Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, to enlist her help to get some form of closure on the missing flight;)

Press Release heads up from Kauilapele’s Blog

March 18, 2014, High Falls, NY. A comprehensive announcement describing the rescue of Flight 370 has been recorded by LightWeb News. The plane was suffering hydraulic failure, was in an uncontrolled state, at risk of imminent destruction. Whisked out of the air in mid-flight, it was taken aboard an enormous spacecraft from Sirius, claimed to be part of the Federation fleet under the Ashtar Command, whose full report is available from LightWeb News.

Radar pictures confirm the appearance of alien craft and the sudden disappearance of Flight 370. Confusion reigns in the search and rescue efforts because of the astonishing anomaly which points directly to extremely advanced technological intervention.

Read the full explanation from this source, which cites the connection between sightings of cigar-shaped UFO’s in the skies over conflict areas (recently the Ukraine), the capture and safety of the passengers, and a new demand for countries around the globe to participate in initiating NESARA law.

Commander Ashtar claims responsibility for the rescue and for the demands, in cooperation with the passengers, who have offered to act as “hostages” to bring about immediate world peace. The entire interview can be obtained by contacting Dr. Kathryn E. May at

  1. Allan Pfeifer permalink

    I’ve now read three different versions of this event from three different channeled sources, including Kathryn, and Suzy Ward. All are totally different. It was landed and the passengers are safe, they were blown up, they are on another planet…..WTF? Is even one account of the three accurate? We know they can’t all be. And what does this say about “the ascension movement” and channeling in general. Are we all being manipulated, lied to? Feeling a little disillusioned by all of this today.

  2. flyer168 permalink

    Ewoon & Allan,

    Yes indeed.

    We have a collection of possibilities & theories…



    Even Karen Hudes the World Bank Whistleblower mentioned about MH370…

    Until the aircraft/debris is located/found, there will be many more “Possibilities”

    You be the judge.


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