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Santos Bonacci outside court in Melbourne, Australia, April 1st. 2014

April 4, 2014

Learn from this living man the difference between a ‘person’ and a ‘human being’

Santos Bonacci Speaks After Court – Exposes Entire Legal Fraud To News (29 Jan 2014)
* Santos Bonacci FREE From Jail and Freedom Radio Show – 1/29/2014
* Santos Bonacci speaking to George Neo at Magpie House, 5.2.14
* Something Big Hidden From Public Eye – A Must Know Secret
* For transcript snapshot of above video
* Court System Finally Exposed! Amazing Courtroom Audio!

Source of report and text from egymoh52
The corruption is being revealed more and more blatantly around us everywhere we look… the injustice of the powers that be, fines are a huge revenue source for the corporations that they are addicted to. Filthy energy, geo engineering, GMO, fracking and smart grids radiation and data gathering, pharmaceutical drugs that promise to near curing cancer where as cancer can be cured by natural means, just to name a few. Why would they do that? because they are again hugely profiting from sickness. THERE IS NO ‘MONEY’ IN HEATH. Sickness is among the most profiting industry.

If’ governments and corporations are hugely profiting from all this, there are no incentives for them to release the free energy devices that would liberate everyone on the planet, and, the natural medicine that are being used for thousands of years by ORIGINAL people.


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