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Flight 370: The Straw That Breaks the Cabal’s Back?

April 9, 2014

An in-depth investigative report by David Wilcock, connecting the dots from the obvious to the not so to the hidden to the mysterious to the weird


* Hacked NASA Photos! Hollow Earth Images! Mind Blowing!
* MH370 Diego Garcia Calls For Empty Cargo Ship For Travel And Relocation. Moving Bodies??
* MH370 Update! Proof! Diego Garcia To Singapore ‘Large Cargo Charter’ Order Placed Days Ago
* Defendant turns tables on judge in court by demanding his ID, which he doesn’t have
* Why is the World’s Media Attention Focused AWAY from Diego Garcia? – Deleted Message Says 370 was a Bomb Aimed at the US Military Base there…

“This is a story of hope – where we “connect the dots” and suggest that we are now witnessing the defeat of the greatest villain of all time.

“It is a complicated story, with a variety of astonishing twists and turns; and never in the least bit dull or boring….

“When the truth finally comes out, the last 300 years of world history – at least – may soon be viewed very differently than they are today; and we will have a much happier world.”

Source of report @ Divine Cosmos


Flight 370 could have become the most devastating terrorist attack in recorded history. Could this Boeing 777 — or one just like it — have been used to murder the leaders of the top 53 nations on Earth?

Why were 20 scientists with Cosmic Top Secret clearances on Flight 370 — and did some group feel it was absolutely necessary to stop them?

Did one of the passengers on Flight 370 successfully send out a message indicating he was being held on a “prison ship” near the biggest US/UK military base in the Indian Ocean — and that the other passengers were still alive?

The secret powers running the military-industrial complex, the Federal Reserve banking system and key Western nations — i.e. the Cabal or “Illuminati” — may have just tried to achieve the ultimate world coup. Thankfully, they failed.

Had their plan succeeded, it would have become the defining story of our time — and almost certainly would have started a world war.

Thankfully, the shadowy, elusive group that was likely responsible for this “botched job” may be on the brink of true defeat.

By not fearing them, and being brave enough to objectively examine the evidence, Flight 370 may well be the straw that breaks the Cabal’s back.


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