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New Report: MH370 did not disappear and crash

April 13, 2014

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Source of report here.

It is impossible for MH370 to have ”disappeared and crashed,” Press TV reported in an exclusive interview this weekend about Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

In fact this aircraft cannot be just lost. It cannot have just disappeared. This makes no sense,” Dr. Kevin Barrett reported. “There is military radar and satellite coverage of that area. The CIA base in Alice Springs Australia knows precisely what happened to that plane. And it is interesting the Malaysian government has asked them and they are not getting any response. 

Dr. Barrett, Veterans Today editor, author and radio host said that “what we do know is that this story that it just disappeared and presumably crashed is impossible.

“It takes only a second or two to squawk an emergency code. If it is a hijacking, there is a hijack code – it is I think three digits – it is just tap, tap, tap and it is done. So there is no way that a plane is going to start having problems that are going to lead to a crash and it is not going to squawk that code.

The plane turned and flew in a westerly direction and must have been under some kind of control, and yet there was no emergency code, there was no hijack code, nothing like that. This is very, very strange,” Barrett said.

The Malaysian government was searching for plane wreckage where it already knew it could not be and did not say that for a couple of days.

“This makes no sense,” Barrett said. “There are so many of these anomalies. Passengers’ cellphones were ringing out days after the plane disappeared, meaning that they were not under water and they were powered on.”

Again, something very odd happened to that plane, Barrett said, adding that the single most important clue in his opinion is the fact that two alleged Iranian passengers supposedly travelling with stolen passports were photoshopped. The security pictures we see of these Iranians supposedly boarding this plane were photoshopped. Their legs are exactly identical. There is no question about that.

Why are they giving us photoshopped pictures of Iranian passengers? Obviously there was some kind of a setup to try to blame this on Iran. Precisely what that is we do not know but the Israelis have been using their assets including the head of … security who is a 9/11 suspect lives in New Jersey. I forget the gentleman’s name. He and other Israelis have been putting out as much media propaganda as they can trying to blame this on Iran saying that it is a waste of time to look anywhere other than for this is being an Iranian hijacking.

Christopher Bollyn found an identical clone to this plane in a hanger in Tel Aviv, Israel for the past couple of months. Barrett cals that “a show game play with his aircraft.”

“It was in Southern France. They moved it down to Israel and speculation is that there was some sort of false flag plan at foot, perhaps another [plane] into buildings deception like 9/11. 

We have so many parallels between this event and 9/11 with planes just disappearing, transponders going off for no reason, no hijack codes, no emergency codes being squawked, and cell phones anomalies. So a lot of people are speculating that there was a 9/11-style plan and it may not have gone right.     

Press TV said that there at the network, they take very seriously trying to deal with sensitivity of this subject, especially for the families of those on the plane.

“It’s a very difficult time for them, we understand that. However looking at this situation, how likely is this some type of setup and if so what could it be? What could be the goal of this situation?” Press TV asked.

“Well you are right,” replied Barrett. “It has been very hard on the families and they have been protesting because they know they are being lied to, just like the 9/11 families. We would not have a 9/11 commission unless the family members hadn’t been protesting and basically camping out on the White House lawn for months and months and over a year until finally they were able to get that commission which turned out to be whitewash and likewise the Malaysian family members are putting pressure on the Malaysian government and they are not getting anywhere.

“They know that there is some huge deception going on here.

Planes cannot just disappear like that. There are all sorts of reasons to believe that something strange has happened with this plane. I suggested one scenario earlier which is the possibility that this plane was going to be, well, either blown up and this would be blamed on Iranian guys who were photoshopped into being patsies boarding the plane or maybe it was going to be taken somewhere and then flown into a building somewhere in a 9/11-style false flag event and it is possible that all the publicity in which the mainstream media at this time has actually been asking questions about what happened to this plane unlike 9/11 when nobody was asking any questions because they were still in shock.

The most advanced computer chip in the world with many, many military applications

Barrett spoke about the other angle: 20 employees of a Semiconductor firm on board, Free-scale Semiconductors, that had just patentedthe most advanced computer chip available, with many, many military applications. Barrett called it a “very, very important piece of an electro property they were heading for Beijing and it is possible that somebody did not want them to get there.

“These were Chinese nationals working for a Houston, Texas-based firm and there have been some unconfirmed reports – at least I can tell if there are confirmed – that say four of these passengers were Patent holders for this chip and the fifth Patent holder is the company owned by Jacob Rothschild to shell entities.

“So they are pointing out that possibly this Patent may now belong to Jacob Rothschild and that this would be a motivation for taking over this plane and there are indications the plane may have flown towards Diego Garcia which is a rendition site.

“The fishermen spotted this plane and accurately described its colors without even knowing what color the Airline was. So we have eyewitness reports that the plane was heading for Diego Garcia which is a black military rendition site run by the British and the Americans.                  

Press TV pointed to internet sites the public can follow planes and the flights that planes are taking real time for any novice who can just get on a site. Why do you think we are not hearing all of a sudden the Malaysian government say they changed the path of the aircraft two weeks into this? Why now? What exactly do you think is going on? Is there a cover-up that the Malaysian government and others may be involved in?

“Well there is obviously a cover-up,” Barrett responded. “It is simply unthinkable that this plane would simply turn, fly off in the wrong direction, be spotted over the Maldives Islands heading for Diego Garcia and just disappear. And all of these other indications, these cell phones ringing out and so on, suggest the same thing.

“It is something very strange that happened to this plane. That is really the only explanation for the fact that the government of Malaysia lied to the world and to the families of these victims for so long. They essentially gave the wrong story and searched in the wrong place when they knew that this plane was not in the place where they were looking. Why was that?

Barrett cautioned about leaping to conclusions and saying we know for sure what we think happened based on preconceptions and past experience.

“I do think that you do have to apply context though,” he said, “and we do know that false flag events are extremely common. Turkey just got caught planning to attack its own country. It fired missiles from Syria into Turkey. It happens all the time. Israel has a long history of false flags.”

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  1. even the ping detect and lost is a ruse to buy more time, they waited till last min when excuse of the batteries running out can be used,b4 announcing detection of pings so that they can say, more time needed ,, another few months to find but narrrowed down search area.they just want to drag this as long as possible,enough time to cover all loose ends or wipe their asses clean or something diabolical.

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