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“Surrender or die,” that is the choice the US cabal government now faces

April 15, 2014

… Benjamin Fulford Report, April 14, 2014

Benjamin Fulford Report, April 7, 2014: ”Lots of high level threats and murder taking place as cabalists turn on each other”
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The criminal cabal that hijacked the Republic of the United States of America and turned it into a global pariah have been cornered to a point where they must either surrender or die. This is becoming obvious on many levels. For example, last week even the member nations of the globalist International Monetary Fund lined up 187 to 1 against the United States in an effort to get them to relinquish their veto control of that institution.

Even more troubling for the families that control the Federal Reserve Board has been the massive ongoing attack on their petrodollar. In particular, the situation in the Ukraine is turning into a historical cabal defeat.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia has begun insisting that Europe and the Ukraine pay for their supplies of Russian gas with something other than US dollars. The Europeans have little choice but to agree to this, thus sealing the fate of the petrodollar.

US Corporate Government President Barack Obama, working under orders from puppet masters like George Soros, tried convincing the Middle Eastern oil producing countries to drive down the price of oil and bankrupt Russia but was rebuffed.

Obama then turned around and went to the Chinese where, according to Chinese government sources, he offered to hand over to China….


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