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Shock! MH370 Landed Say Officials! Where Are All The Survivors?

April 23, 2014

Officials Now Saying Flight 370 Landed! Goose Chase Exposed! 

Seriously, are the passengers and crew “Safe in the Hands of Galactic Ship” as was highlighted HERE?

* Will the agony ever end for MH370 families? Now search teams think they may be looking in the wrong place for debris amid fresh rumour it may have LANDED
* MH370: Radar Detected UFO Before Jet Goes Missing; Malaysian Air Force Head Reportedly Confirms Sightings
* Diego Garcia Dispute: International Court to Look at Claim; Might End US Base There Amid Philip Wood Conspiracy
* MH370 passenger’s partner tells of strange email from sacked Fox officer 
* V.K. Durham, CEO-Durham Holding Trust. Tias 12087. I AGREE! “America has become a prisoner of its own lies,” writes Gordon Duff
* NEO – Leaked documents show US Embassy in Ukraine is Staging False Flag

Heads up for report here

As if the MH370 saga couldn’t get any more strange, now officials are saying that the flight LANDED according to this newly released video report from Dahboo7 via the original story from the Daily Mail. Will Americans and the world EVER find out what REALLY happened to this doomed flight or are they sending us off on ANOTHER wild goose chase?

WHERE did this mysterious flight land? Was it Diego Garcia as long reported by alternative news outlets? WHY are we just finding out that this plane MAY HAVE LANDED now? WHAT happened to the survivors of Flight MH370? HOW were these officials able to keep this secret for so long? WHEN, if ever, will we ever find out the truth? The 2nd video below shares more from an MH370 family member.

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