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White Hats Reports: What they are all about and why report #48 was delayed

April 26, 2014

Exposing another knavery of the cabal’s deep corruption and crime against humanity

imagesObama is a terrorist, war-criminal and an Economic Hitman – No to TPP. No to Whatever. Remember, the cabal US government did not provide any satellite information regarding the disappearance of Flight MH370. Obama has come begging but let him go home empty-handed!

America’s Proposed TPP: Buyer Beware — Pacific-rim nations to get astonishingly small gains from the deal, while exposing themselves to high risks

* The White Hats Report
* Our Last Stand | Report #3: Stories of Our Cabal Shadow Government Thieves, Global Criminals and a Tale of Treason

Heads up for report from here

Men-in-White-Hats-The-Trainer-“Our objective with these reports was primarily to continue the exposure of the withholding of the World Global Settlements (WGS) funds, the Wanta Funds, the CMKX debacle and the various other financial frauds perpetrated by the cabal on well meaning individuals. The primary focus was to let the cabal know that we KNEW and also to connect some dots for others (law enforcement, world leaders, etc) in the optimistic sense that they would respond in some positive way. Informing the general public at large was secondary to the main objective.”

For a full read, go HERE

Lord David James of Blackheath in the House of Lords on February 16, 2012 delivering his speech exposing the $15 trillion dollar fraud perpetrated by the Federal Reserve, the US secret government, the criminal banking system and the corrupt politicians …


Christopher Story on EU corruption …




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