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The real reason why MH370 was ‘hijacked’

April 30, 2014

Starting at 7:20 mark: “The Mother of All Conspiracies – Dr. Jim Garrow by Sheila Zilinsky”

* U.S. Close To Bringing Criminal Charges Against Big Banks
* Free Energy: QEG – Morocco Has Resonance!
* Is This Why NSA Has Classified All Information About MH370?
* MH370 Wreckage Found GeoResonance Claims Malaysia Plane in Bay of Bengal
* Wreckage in Bay of Bengal not from MH370: searchers
* Alleged OSCE Observers Held in Slavyansk by Pro-Russian Forces Are Active Duty NATO Military Officers Out of Uniform, Many from Geilenkirchen Intelligence Base Where Awacs Are Flown; Visit Was Sponsored by German Defense Ministry, Which Is Pressuring Osce To Keep Up Attempted Camouflage of Possible Spy Mission-or Worse
* Trunews April 29, 2014 – CIA Expert: Damning Obama Verdict Should Lead To Arrest And Imprisonment Of Washington Criminals

Apparently the media spin on the micro chip “… that is disinformation … to make us look the wrong way … the technology breakthrough that was important and they try to steal it that’s the diversion of the aircraft to Diego Garcia…. they are able to make light penetrate through a solid and come out the other side….” – Dr. Jim Garrow

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