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Thailand Coup 2014 – Message to John Kerry and the World

June 6, 2014

And listen to John Perkins, former Economic Hit Man, @ 9:13 gives his ‘confession’

* Economic Hitman reveals shocking truths about the Government
* Bashar Assad wins Syria presidential election with 88.7% of vote
* BOOM! Michael Hastings Was Murdered for Almost Exposing Bowe Bergdahl!

This video explains why the coup took place. Why it was well accepted by the Thai people. Some western governments and politicians like the U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, condemned the action and called for the Army to return to democracy and arrange early election without thinking about the sustainable solution for Thailand and its people. The video ends with the confession of a former U.S. Economic Hit Man, John Perkins, who shared to the world what the US government has done to other countries and there is nothing Democratic about it.

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