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Dragon Family Ambassador Calls For Cooperation

June 30, 2014

… update by Ron Van Dyke, 28-06-2014

[This blog’s comment.] In a world where everything is manipulated through lies and deceptions, real information is hard to get. The cabal, knowing their controlled mainstream mouthpieces are being abandoned in droves as more and more people awaken to their evil, are now doing their damnest to infiltrate the alternative media. They are offering huge sums of money and some degree of elitism to some of the more influential blogs or vblogs to help put their one world order agenda back on track; if not to derail humanity’s awakening to a more humanitarian and sustainable system and future. As better informed men and women, we have to be aware of the cabal’s devious Divide & Rule and “Economic Hitman” tactics designed to help them maintain status quo. The status quo, whether one wants to believe it or not, is an utterly flawed system. How can there ever be justice when 1% controls and profits from the other 99%, without having to do much but by exploiting the love of “money and status” to get their lackeys to do their dirty work. There has to be a complete rethink and reset. This blog says, if the cabal want wars, let themselves go and also for them to send their sons and daughters to the front-lines to fight these wars. For far too long the cabal have been getting away with murders and genocides in the name of ‘war against terror’ and ‘peace and democracy’ by duping unsuspecting patriots with their lies and deceptions. The real terrorists are the cabal themselves and a war on terror should be waged against them. The solution to overcome the great deception is simple, really. If only all ‘patriots’ will refuse to fall for their lies and propaganda and not go to war on foreign soil, the cabal’s game plan will come to a standstill. Will ‘patriots’ wake up and refuse to cooperate?

As for authors of influential blogs and vblogs, your cooperation is similarly required. Do not fall for the cabal’s lies and deceptions. Do not cooperate with evil and be lured by money and status and become disinfo agents. And as for the readers, more so now than ever, apply discernment in everything you read and whatever you come across. A good guide will be to judge a tree by the fruits it bears.

* Dutchsinse, 10/12/2013 — They offered me the world …
* Red Cross says how it used Hurricane Sandy funds is ‘trade secret’
[BS, most of the donations/funds had been hijacked into personal accounts, and they know it! And now hiding behind a “trade secret?” Are we that stupid to believe this crock?]

* The Pitchforks Are Coming … For Us Plutocrats
* How The Fed Distorts Everything
* Massive End The Fed Organizer in Germany Gets Car Fire Bombed

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