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India likely to get first presidency of BRICS Development Bank

July 20, 2014

Could it be the biggest reason for the downing of MH17 was because of this new world financial system coming on stream?

Could it also be the cabal know their debt-based financial system is dying and they therefore want to stir s**t to start WW3 to keep their enslavement system (US/Federal Reserve $) alive?

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Source of report here.

FORTALEZA (Brazil): The BRICS summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first multilateral engagement, commenced here on Tuesday amid an understanding that the five member nations will have equal shareholding in the proposed $50 billion BRICS Development Bank presidency of which is likely to go to India first.

The bank’s headquarters is likely to be located in Shanghai, China’s financial hub, although India was pressing for New Delhi. However, the first rotational presidency of the bank is likely to go to India.

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