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Who Really Benefits from MH17 Crash?

July 25, 2014

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Thursday, 24-Jul-2014

As any writer of fiction can tell you, when a person (especially a wealthy one) is murdered, you always look to see who benefits from it. It’s called motive, one of the trio of ‘motive, means and opportunity’. Unless you are dealing with a serial killer, people don’t usually kill someone else for the ‘thrill of it’. And certainly not 298 people, although there is some doubt about the event being staged with bodies’ long dead and pristine passports in the middle of a horrendous crime scene. It’s enough to make a fiction writer salivate.

So, when I look at the latest tragedy of the Malaysian flight crash (Why always Malaysian? A surplus of cheap planes?) I have to look at the major players. Does Putin really benefit from this tragedy? This would badly tarnish his image, especially to the rest of the world. It would portray him as a bully and an out of control murderer. It isn’t that I think Putin walks on water by any means and with his KGB background I’m sure he has more than a few skeletons in his closet, but I have a hard time seeing what he would have to gain from this act.

As I’ve watched Putin over the last several years, this is not the picture I’ve seen of the man. I see a thoughtful, intelligent man, who loves his country, and with the kahonas to stand up to the real global bully. People in America tend to forget the way our government has systematically set up military bases in countries surrounding Russia. Why? If I were the leader of Russia I would be getting very nervous as I watched this unfold.

From what I’ve seen on the world stage, the United States has sought global hegemony in any manner that it could. Since WWII especially, the Cabal has been firmly in control of the U.S. government. It has used our country’s huge military as its own personal club over other countries that didn’t knuckle under to our superiority.

Given the U.S. governments past track record at regime change world-wide, it should be pretty obvious to any thinking person who stood to benefit from this horrible tragedy. How many times does a scenario like this have to play out before the world screams, “CIA!” As smart as I know these boys are, I would really expect them to come up with another theme to use by now. But it has worked so well for them in the past, maybe they’re afraid they’ll jinx themselves if they don’t stick to script.

Look what happened in Syria? This Cabal owned U.S. government was happily following its agenda of overthrowing the leaders of five Middle Eastern countries, with Syria and Iran yet to go. The end result was to be in control of most of the worlds’ oil reserves. And it ran right up against the Russian bear. But that is really the wrong animal. Bears are reactive creatures. I have always seen the Russian wolf when I look in Putin’s eyes. A clever, cunning creature.

As the United States backed the so-called Syrian rebels, (I believe they are from elsewhere and are CIA trained) in an attempt to overthrow Assad and, no doubt, put in power a Cabal flunky, Putin stepped into the fray and said, “Checkmate!” Furious at this interference in its long range plans for global control, Washington set out to demonize Putin.

A funny thing happened on the way to the global takeover. Too many other countries grew up and became major players on the world scene. And they were watching the behavior of the United States toward other countries. It has not escaped the notice of these other countries how our country has supported (created) guerrillas to overthrow even democratically elected leaders in country after country to further its agenda of global hegemony.

So, as these nations emerged as developing countries it was only natural that they would band together against the global bully. The BRICS alliance was a natural outcome. Individually, the BRICS nations are entities to be reckoned with but united, they are a powerful economic force. Look for the United States dollar to go belly up if this Cabal driven administration continues on its reckless path of sanctions against Russia.

What is an aging bully to do when others begin to resist their threats? I think we might have found the answer to the question of who was behind the downing of the Malaysian jet. Of course, it’s also possible that the Russian backed rebels in the Ukraine took it upon themselves to down the airliner. But why? What would they have to gain? You have to use common sense and critical thinking when viewing events like this.

People have to understand the underlying motives for murder.

There is financial gain, on a personal level, freedom from an unwanted spouse, removal of someone from a desired position, safety sought from a threat. As stated earlier, with the exception of the serial killer, people don’t just murder others for the thrill. To snuff out 298 lives like this would take someone without any humanity at all. It smells like a Cabal set up to me.

If the jet had been a U.S. military plane, I would be more inclined to believe it was the Russian backed rebels in Ukraine. But they had nothing to gain from this disaster. It was bound to turn the world community against them. And therein lays the motive, not for them but for the U.S. CIA.

The United States had the motive of wanting to embarrass and further demonize Putin and any rebels he supports. To accuse him on the world stage of such an atrocity puts a serious poker chip on the American side of the table. But, is the rest of the world buying it? I wonder.

It isn’t that Russia hasn’t had its black history of invading its neighbors and regime change. And it’s possible that Putin is slowly trying to rebuild the once Soviet countryside surrounding present day Russia. Time will tell on that score. At this stage of the game it looks more like Russia is blocking each U.S. move toward regime change anywhere else in the Middle East, with the old Soviet hammer and sickle.

The emerging nations are understandably suspicious of U.S. motives since all we have done is replace the British colonizing tool with one disguised as nation building. The only thing that surprises me and gives me pause is the Chinese & Russian effort to utilize the UN Security Council, as the UN is nothing more than a Cabal tool for world domination under the standard of, “We Come In Peace.”

Can the leaders of Russia and China really believe that the UN is a peace keeping force? Or are they just being used in the larger scheme of things? The Cabal has a history of playing one group off against another on their way to world domination. I would think that both the Russian and Chinese leaders would be smarter than to fall for that old trick, but maybe I’m giving them too much credit.

Perhaps we will never get to the bottom of who is behind the Malaysian plane crash. But I have to ask, who is in charge of the investigation? If it isn’t someone independent of both America and Russia, it is likely the evidence will be so tainted, we will never have the right answer. But I’m sticking with my scenario just based on past behavior. Simply based on motive, I’m going with Cabal controlled US government. I can hardly wait for the movie.

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