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Veterans Today’s view on Dutch Preliminary Report on MH 17 Crash …

September 10, 2014

“We have been waiting for and expecting this abomination. There were no surprises in the report.”


“Between a rock and a hard place: the original “official” story and the truth. The former is now widely ridiculed, the latter politically explosive for the establishment. Therefore, a non-report. The only surprise is that anyone would be surprised by such a deceit.” – Comment by David Russell at VT

* Preliminary report Crash involving Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777-200 flight MH17 Hrabove, Ukraine – 17 July 2014
* VP Cheney Issued 9/11 Stand Down Order While Missile Approached Pentagon: Tip Of The Government Conspiracy

Source here.


International experts widely agree that the projectile damage indicates rear angled 30mm cannon fire from both sides of the plane, hardly something to leave out of the initial report.

[ Editor’s note:  Dear readers, we have been waiting for and expecting this abomination. There were no surprises in the report below.

It came out later than originally planned as the Netherlands, part of NATO and one of the suspects in the murder of these 300 passengers, had expected Kiev to have crushed the New Republics by now, and be “negotiating” with them at the coup-meisters feet. That did not work out so well.

Kiev, the US, and NATO are widely suspected in having planned and executed, or aided after the fact, in this false flag attack to hang on Russia to trigger public support for increased NATO funding it wanted in difficult financial times. A false flag attack was needed, and that is what we got. This is a crime for which all diplomatic immunity should be brushed aside.

But that will not happen, as high level politicians do not have a good history of jumping off of tall building when they are caught doing a major nasty. They lie or blame it on someone else.  Even if they now are primary suspects, it is just something to be “handled” by the people who do that kind of thing.

This has placed the entire flying public at risk, even more so after what happened to the earlier Malaysian plane. What we are seeing now is that no major country can really be trusted with investigations at this level. When we live in a world of state-sponsored terrorism, including western states, and the now revealed ones by Gordon Duff’s mini nuke terror bombing series, governments are now potential suspects in such cases.


Our VT crisis team included Vietnam combat pilots who had later flown for the airlines and been crash investigators. They know combat damage when they see it.

It is bad enough to have them inflicting this upon us, without our meekly standing by while we wait for their “investigation” to be completed, when we already know it is being rigged via withholding evidence.

If we don’t show some quick outrage at this now, we will be sending them a signal that we are the stupid plantation animals they take us for.

The easiest thing we can do is pour the calls and emails into the Dutch and Malaysian embassies and consulates wherever you live, and ask your contacts to do the same.

This is a tactic rarely used, and will show them instantly that a nerve has been struck by their duck and dodge report below. 

And of course add in the US ones, too, focusing on their withholding the satellite data and the communication intercepts we know they have. For the Dutch and Malaysians to not have made a big stink over the obstruction of justice being done in plain sight is open acquiescence on their part.  And after them come all the other air travel safety and related orgs.

We need to push for getting an outside investigation of the investigation going RIGHT NOW. Sure, the suspected responsible powers might say “take a hike”, but let them be as dismissive of us as they want, as we can use that to help wake up the slumbering public.

If nothing is done in the next few days, those who pitched giving us the dodge with this meaningless report because the world is populated with cowards, will be proven correct. And they will never hesitate to give us more of the same in the future.  Others will follow their lead, and it will be welcome to terrorism gang bang land for the defeated public we will have shown ourselves to be…

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