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Proof Ebola Is A Conspiracy

November 11, 2014

Hey sheeple, do you get it yet? ‘Ebollocks’ is a planned bio-weapon and bio-terrorism by the cabal!

* Vaccines spiked with sterilization chemical – Health Ranger Report
* ‘Perfectly healthy’ Florida girl, 10, is paralyzed with rare brain infection and can no longer speak – four days after receiving flu shot 
* US Border patrol agent speaks out. OMG!!! Unbelievable information 

A conspiracy created to provide an excuse for them to first ‘invade’ Africa, genocide its people and strip the nations of their oil, gold and diamonds. Then later on take over the whole planet with their New World Order.

At all cost … do not let your family be fooled into getting vaccinated with the cabal’s ‘poisoned’ vaccines! Say “NO” to all vaccines!


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