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Jim Corr’s message to the Irish people in November 2010 is just as relevant today

November 17, 2014

… as for most countries in the world whose sovereignty and economy are being taken over by international banksters through deception and fraud

Noted II:
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* The Money In Your Bank Account Was Stolen This Morning
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– Harley Schlanger 
* What A Difference A Week Makes In International Diplomacy
* Nine of the biggest myths that people believe about the system
* Alfred Webre: Positive Timeline, BRICS, Money, Putin & the Omniverse 

And, when Iceland and Hungary can reclaim their sovereignty by jailing international banksters and shutting the central banks set up and owned by them, why is the rest of the world NOT doing the same?

Answer: Turn your focus on your representatives whom you have voted into office to form your government. These ‘public servants,’ who have taken oaths to serve your interests, have somehow betrayed you by becoming lackeys for international banksters, serving their interests in return for power, money and sex.

These representatives are as guilty as the economic hit men* (sent by the international banksters themselves) whose only objective is to come in guise to help study, recommend and finance huge public projects for your government to undertake on your behalf. Their ultimate aim is to get your country into humongous debts which are impossible to re-pay.

The “pound of flesh” they require of your government for defaulting on loan repayment is a take-over of your country’s sovereignty and natural resources. On top of that, the international banksters will later step in to force your government to impose all kinds of taxes on the people to help pay for the interest of their loans.

Now, do you understand why there are taxes and more taxes imposed on you every now and then? And you think your government get to use these taxes for further development? Think, again!

When the propaganda is that your government needs more taxes to finance more economic development in order for you to continue to prosper, what is in fact happening the opposite is true. You are systematically being impoverished without you even knowing it. And it’s just not your generation that is being robbed blind but the generations that are yet to be born, too. What is far more insidious is the final plan of international banksters to steal the wealth of every human being and implement Agenda 21 globally, which does not have your interest at heart though it may appear benevolent on the surface.

There will be no end to this form of thuggery and thievery until and unless we arrest and jail all international banksters and their cahoots (i.e. mostly local politicians, who have committed treason against their own country) for their frauds and crimes against every sovereign nation.

* Confessions of An Economic Hit Man by John Perkins

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