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The Book of Man by Brian O

November 23, 2014

Here’s “The Story Behind the Story: Part I”

* Banking And Greed, According To Science
* Financial Repression For Dummies – w/ Gordon T Long 

 “… consider this very important” – Alex Collier, June 2014

The Book of Man Promo
The Book Of Man – Interview with Brian O and Denise Wilbanks

“…. The purpose of the Book of Man is to attempt to begin painting at least this small portion of the vast mural which has been accumulated from the depths of obscurity, as well as dark or hidden and likewise unrealized historical milestones – and what someone or something is attempting to reveal within such a construct.” – Brian O

Source here.
The Book of Man – Brian O

To fundamentally start at the beginning would be a fairly lengthy road trip. So briefly as possible we will forego the countless decades of acquiring the information and leap to where things started to get interesting.

I had pretty much given up on any practical UFO studies or research as all I was seeing at the time (in the 70′s & thru to the 90′s) was rehashed old data over and over again – to the point of redundant eyerolls. Not time efficient.

I had briefly delved into some minor cryptozoology study though this was more or less not related to bigfoot, nessie, or any of the other top shelf usuals which have been beaten to death and have as yet still seemingly and relentlessly still met with mainstream brick walls of heinous proportions. Not what I would call a pleasurable experience to maintain longer than five minutes.

But all during this time I was still getting tiny little bits and pieces of stories and information which seemed to not have any practical use or place, for any reason. But, being the anal-retentive pack rat that I am, I kept it stowed away in its own little folder or 3×5 card.

I was at the time in 2009, running way out of gas for any valid research potential, and had practically given up any fruitful endeavor for such, as it appeared the vast wasteland out there for the flow of information was definitively drying up –  at least for me it was.

So as a last resort, I started a YouTube account and started watching anything and everything.

Needless to say, there was a lot of yawning involved.

And then came the fateful day (don’t ask, I’m not sure which one) I saw Alex Collier in a lecture at the Ranch from 1999. Now one would think that after all the research I had done, I would have come across Alex’s name and material way before now. I had never heard of this guy. But as I guess timing is everything, this was the first moment things started to fall into place. And what was to follow was the breaking epiphany moment.

To make a short story even longer, I could not believe what I was listening to in this fine piece of work. I had to grab piles of folders and start sifting through them to keep up with Alex during the course of the lecture.

It appears I had all of the exact same information (or damn close to it) he was talking about, though I apparently had acquired it all by alternative methods.

In the Introduction of the Book of Man, I fleetingly referred to a PRIMER to solve the entire puzzle. Well, this Alex Collier work was indeed the primer I needed and the entirety of the book fell into place within a matter of days.

I watched every single published Collier video in rapid succession and quickly discovered absolute confirmation of everything he was saying, as far as pertinent galactic information was concerned.

What you have to understand is, I did not have to believe anything Alex Collier said. But what he was saying was already stored within several piles of folders and note cards. I already had the very same information.

But the next leg of the story took a turn for the worse, and I will address that in the next installment.

Brian O


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