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Another breakthrough re Free-Energy Device/Generator …

November 27, 2014

Here’s a proof-of-concept contributed by Syair Putra [of another person’s discovery?]

“It’s the new generator electricity, no effect counter Emf, very easy to rotation rotor use my hand, it’s more output power than input, but who make this design cannot called and i dont know what’s happening to himself, he is from Indonesia, if u want more detail design, pls send me message ”

” I show U it can self-running, no effect lenz law when short coil, and how it work. Salam ” – Syair Putra –

Heads-up from here.

Comment by Mark Brander … “I have a lot of experience with alternative energy inventions and I can tell you that this generator not only produces free energy, it produces a lot of it, and it is very simple design to build for one with machining expertise and a basic knowledge of how generators work. This appears to be an open source situation with nothing hidden and no patents to stop anyone from building it.”

  1. All has simplification (training) at the community Google+
    ” Magnet motor – QMOGEN free energy, freie energie “

  2. hemant kumar permalink

    I’m Indian from Punjab. Pls muje Punjabi me no is 09888734736.pls pls contect me.

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