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Brisbane Devastated By Freak Supercell Storm …

November 29, 2014

Planes Tossed Like Toys, Army Called In!

* The Only Way to Stop the Empire
* Crude Carnage Continues After Close: WTI Now $65 Handle, Lowest Since 2009 

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  1. flyer168 permalink

    “Brisbane Devastated By Freak Supercell Storm …”

    Just to share some comments…

    Jakin Urjaw
    22 hours ago

    HAARP and CERN! HAARP is being used all across this planet. They use it to cause these kinds of disasters. It is totally obvious that they are using HAARP to cause the drought in California. HAARP heats up the area they need in order to steer the jet stream and cause the shit that just happened in Brisbane. Btw… NO! HAARP was NOT shut down years ago like some shills want us to believe. There are MANY HAARP stations all over this planet. The US of Assholes even has a floating HAARP station they use in the ocean. 
    1 day ago

    I do not support this destruction, both t I give you a thumbs up on providing the information. This is after the G20 meeting? Did the Australian support Basel III Compliance? This is a weather weapon used by the Powers That Be “PTB” for not accepting their plans. Just my thoughts. Thank you.


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