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The Sedona Connection now in Europe to meet with the Ambassador

December 18, 2014

* Russian Central Bank Releases 7 Measures It Will Take To Stabilize The Financial Sector 
* Russian Stocks Soar 17% – Most Since 2008; Ruble Back Below 62/USD
* “Oil May Drop To $25 On Chinese Demand Plunge, Supply Glut, Ageing Boomers” 

* IMF Now Ready To Slam The Door On The U.S. And The Dollar
* Rafapal: BRICS Gold money check-mate for Rothschild debt fiat US dollar?
* Author Reveals Future Crash of The Petro-Dollar
* Are You Really Ready for the World to be Ruled by Bank[st]ers? 

* Free Energy Secrets Exposed

“After Meeting with Family leaders in Hong Kong We Were Tasked to Europe to Meet Personally with The Ambassador” – Dave Schmidt, The Sedona Connection

Click here for the latest radio show.

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