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*Inflection Point: Unprecedented Fear As Everything Falls Apart

December 20, 2014

… by Andy Hoffman

* A Definition Of Our Current Global Economic Environment

Up till now if one is still not awakened to the fact that everything in this world and its false reality is manufactured, controlled and manipulated by the cabal, please continue to slumber on. These satanist cabal criminals and their minions behave they are above the law, own the planet and do as they pleased. They have been getting away with murder, wreaking havoc and misery on humanity for far too long. It’s time they are stopped in their tracks for good. Seriously … lamp posts do have more use than just to hang light bulbs.

* The Biggest Economic Story Going Into 2015 Is Not Oil
* Reason why US is suddenly in bed with Cuba … and it’s nothing to do with cigars
* End Game: Putin May End Ruble Crisis By Taking Russia Onto the Gold Standard 


Andy Hoffman of Miles Franklin has never been more alarmed by what we have witnessed unfolding over just the past two weeks. The global economic system is literally coming apart at the seams. – SGT Report

SGT Report YouTube Channel

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