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Interesting updates to note before 2014 draws to a close

December 26, 2014

Noted II:
* Open Up Your Christmas Presence: Disclosure! – David Wilcock, 25 Dec 2014 
(Excerpt: Huge Amounts Of Gold Were Mined And Stored By The Dragon Family :
A lot of that gold that I said you could bulldoze out – boulders’ worth of it – has been mined, smelted, refined and turned into actual bars. It was held in some very vast private collections. The main group that was doing this is called the Dragon Family. It is actually ultimately a group of humans who immigrated here and were not natively born on earth.)

* [Repost] Making History & New Beginnings Neil Keenan, 21 Dec 2014
* Update from Hong Kong and Europe – Dave Schmidt, 24 Dec 2014 

Our Trip to Meet The Red Dragon and The Ambassador
– Dave Schmidt, 24 Dec 2014

Revelations By Dragon Family Ambassador
– Ron Van Dyke, 24 Dec 2014

Gold Out of Hiding
– Karen Hudes, 23 Dec 2014

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