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The fake Paris incident is aimed at taking down the house of Saud

January 13, 2015

… Benjamin Fulford Update, January 12, 2015

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Source of report here.

The obviously faked

terror incident in Paris last week was clearly aimed at preparing public opinion in the West for an operation to take down the Saudi Arabian monarchy. The operation consisted of having a French magazine publish cartoons of a sort that would lead to a death penalty in Saudi Arabia and then faking the execution of the magazine’s staff. This serves to make the Western public aware and angry about the sort of thing the Saudi government does.

It is a fact the Saudi Monarchy has for years bankrolled and promoted an obscurantist, radical sect of Islam known as Wahhabism. They have also worked hand in glove with the Bush Nazi crime family for decades in their project to replace Western democracy with totalitarian dictatorship. This is a country where, if you are caught in an adulterous relationship, the punishment, to this day, is to have you buried up to the waist in the sand and then stoned to death. This is also a country where you can be arbitrarily killed by the ruling family for questioning their control of that country. When I was there I was advised that if I got in a traffic accident, I should pretend to be injured so that I would be taken to a hospital instead of a police station. If I ended up in a police station I might never come out, I was told. This family mafia country has been using their oil wealth to create armies of ignorant fanatics throughout the world.

So, to cut off financing for Islamo-fascists, beheading the Saudi regime would be a good place to start. Or at least that is what seems to be going on in the minds of the people staging the events in Paris. There is a deeper aspect to this story though.


And, in Washington D.C., we have a rump regime carrying out foolish anti-social acts like inciting race riots, faking North Korean hacking incidents etc. In psychological maturity it resembles a two year old having a temper tantrum after its candy was taken away.

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