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Air Asia Revisited

January 24, 2015

Michael Shrimpton confronts aviation sabotage and other things


An AirAsia Airbus passenger plane comes

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Source of report here.
January 22, 2015

The DVD control most terrorist organisations and state bureaucracies, and are the world’s only intelligence agency with a specialist aviation sabotage section. Most serious intel agencies are now aware of them, albeit that knowledge of the DVD tends to be limited to senior intelligence bureaucrats. The SOR (Standard Official Response) can be compared to that of little children who hide behind the sofa when the Cybermen appear on Dr Who on TV.


Hiding behind the sofa does not mean that the Cybermen, or at any rate the actors playing them, are not still there on the screen. For those who are not fans of Dr Who (I first started watching it aged 6, in 1963, when the Doctor was played by the late, great William Hartnell), Cybermen are metallic cyborgs, who look like Democrats. They have fixed expressions and no emotions.

Having followed the assassinated Christopher Story in outing the DVD it is bitterly frustrating to read about yet another preventable air disaster, and yet another avoidable terrorist attack. Sadly human life has little official value, and there will be plenty more deaths before we get a grip. If we wait for an intelligent response from the media the loss of life will run into the hundreds of thousands.

AirAsia QZ8501

As you might tell from my last column — sorry about the longer than usual gap by the way — I do not rush into conclusions of sabotage. I stand by my criticisms of the no-frills business model. We are going to see no-frills crashes due to pilots taking unnecessary risks with weather, and pressing on when they shouldn’t. There are just too many pressures on pilots and too many accountants in charge.

The weather was clearly a factor in AirAsia, BUT five new factors have emerged:

1. The Indonesians lied
2. Sir Richard Branson’s airline Virgin Atlantic holds a 16% stake in AirAsia
3. It’s confirmed that the plane went in inverted, i.e. upside down
4. AirAsia stock was short sold in the days leading up to the disaster, and
5. No Chinese nationals were on the flight, and a warning was put out on a Chinese website


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