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The Quickening with Jim Willie

February 4, 2015

Systemic Breakdown, It’s Coming Apart At The Seams

* Finally, the Reason Why the Bankers Are Being Killed
* The $100 Trillion Global Debt Ponzi Scheme 
* THE PEOPLE’S LIST of Whom WE Consider to be the TERRORISTS 

Jim Willie even gives us a lesson on statistical probability as it pertains to global collapse events and government propaganda statistics. From Greek pipelines to the Shemitah cycle of financial crises we cover broad topics with just enough depth to engage your curiosity.

2015 Bombshell events listed in chronological order:

* Russia jumped off the Petro-Dollar recycle wagon
* The Swiss removed the 120 Euro peg to their Franc currency
* The Greeks have prepared to exit the European Union and to default on debt
* The Euro Central Bank announced details on their newest QE tampering
* King Abdullah died and the transition for the royal family begins
* Merkel has offered a trade union proposal to Russia, which discards the US-led – TTIP trade pact
* The German watchdog financial cop BaFin found no improper manipulation in the gold market
* The Swiss have set up a major RMB trading center in Zurich
* The details for Gazprom pipeline extension through Turkey have been revealed
* The US Economy had an enormous miss in expected Durable Good orders

(Heads-up here)

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