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The One Bank And Its ‘Secret’ Gold Repatriation

February 5, 2015

The Banksters’ Newest Bullion Scam


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Jeff Nielson: Many previous commentaries have detailed the mounting crises faced by the One Bank in its own paper-bullion markets. Invariably, these “crises” are 100% self-created. This is easily illustrated by reviewing a few of its current (increasingly serious) problems.

1)  No one has seen the 10,000+ tons of gold which the U.S. government claims to have been storing (on behalf of itself, and other nations) for roughly 60 years.

2)  The reason why no one has seen this gold is that most of it does not exist, and of the small fraction that remains, any audit would reveal that every bar had been pledged to numerous (dozens of?) owners.

3)  Those owners are now “requesting” (demanding?) that their gold be returned to them.

Why does the U.S. government (and its Big Banks) no longer hold all the gold that it used to hold – and still pretends to hold? The short answer is that the One Bank is a clan of psychopaths, which chooses to employ psychopaths as most of its senior henchmen.

The somewhat longer answer is that one of this crime syndicate’s most important strategies in operating the massive paper-currency fraud it has been running for the past 44 years is the suppression of gold/silver prices. Gold and silver are the monetary “canary in the coal mine” which would (normally) alert the world to paper-frauds of this nature/magnitude.

The “modus operandi” of all psychopaths in performing most tasks is overkill. All that the banksters needed to do in this operation was to dribble-out a few hundred tons of gold per year onto the market. In conjunction with their endemic market manipulations; that would have been sufficient to keep prices under control – and they could buy back what they dumped onto the market out of annual mine supply, thus maintaining this operation in perpetuity.

Instead, being psychopaths; the One Bank and its minions chose to crush the precious metals sector. More than 90% of the mining companies were driven into bankruptcy, minimizing annual supply. Compounding this, excessive price-suppression of gold and silver meant that both metals were perpetually “on sale”, stoking (if not maximizing) demand.

The One Bank took a sector which was in balance (the natural state of all markets/sectors), and created a massive, permanent, structural supply-deficit. Thus not only were the banksters dumping excessive amounts of their bullion (gold) stockpiles each year to maintain their excessive level of price-suppression, they were forced to expend large, additional quantities of those stockpiles simply to meet the excess demand which was created by their (psychopathic) overkill.

To attempt to mask this massive, self-created bullion crisis (rather than simply curb their own psychopathic behavior); the banksters initiated numerous other, massive frauds in the precious metals sector. These include their sham “leasing”, “hedging”, fraudulent accounting of inventories, and their ultra-absurd “leveraging” of the entire paper-called-gold and paper-called-silver markets – at some extreme ratio in excess of 100:1.

As with most of the One Bank’s self-created economic “crises”; its preferred method of dealing with this problem has been to pretend it didn’t exist. But (as the banksters are now discovering) such self-delusion does not suffice when the nations who believe that the U.S. government is storing gold on their behalf ask that this “gold” be returned to them.

First it was Germany, and then it was Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, and France. All of these nations have either made formal requests or statements of intention that they want their gold. It was the first (and most-public) of these “gold repatriations” which exposed the obvious fact that the gold supposedly stored in the U.S. wasn’t there.

To begin with; Germany only requested a small fraction of its gold. Secondly, the “repatriation” was spread-out over a ridiculously long period – seven years – when (as we later found out) the entire process could have been conducted in a matter of weeks. Finally, as detailed at Zero Hedge; the U.S. had been unable to comply with even these feeble/minimal deliveries.

Then we had the strange case of the Netherland’s “successful” repatriation effort. What made it “strange”? Primarily, it was the fact that it was done in secret. What was also strange (given Germany’s prior failure) is that the Netherlands got all its gold (more or less) in ‘one gulp’, in a process which – we are told – took only a few weeks.

Despite the cloak-and-dagger nature of this gold “operation”; most were inclined to accept this “secret gold repatriation” at face value. The reason for this is that it was considered quid pro quo: a reward for the complicity of the Netherlands government in the “MH-17” cover-up. However, suddenly, we must now question whether this entire episode was simply more of the One Bank’s disinformation.

What has changed here – suddenly – is the “breaking news” (also covered at Zero Hedge) that now, supposedly, Germany’s government has been able to secretly, successfully “repatriate” a large quantity of its own gold, the same gold which it was totally unable to obtain via an open, public process.

Here it is important to step back, briefly, for some historical context. Why were all these thousands of tons of Europe’s gold ferried across the Atlantic to the United States, in the first place? Two reasons. First of all; it was done on the eve of the Second World War, when Hitler’s rapacious intentions were already obvious.

The second reason it was considered imperative to move Europe’s gold to the U.S. (where Hitler couldn’t loot it) was because at that time the world was still on a gold standard, making gold a primary strategic asset. For these reasons; the transfers of gold to the U.S. were conducted with the utmost secrecy.

But flash ahead 75 years, and the world is a dramatically different place. There is no “Third Reich”, or other foreign menace threatening Europe, which is one reason why these nations are now asking that their gold be returned. Equally important, the world has not been on a gold standard for more than 40 years.

Not only is gold no longer a primary strategic asset (at least at the moment), but officially (according to the banksters) it is a mere “barbarous relic”. Putting these obvious points together, we arrive at a simple conclusion: there cannot be any possible legitimate reason to engage in these “gold repatriations” in secret.

Conversely, there is one gigantic, obvious motive for why the One Bank would instruct its puppet governments to “repatriate” Europe’s gold “secretly”. What is the only, possible way to “repatriate” gold which doesn’t exist? Do it “secretly”. Here we need merely reference the 60-year farce inside the U.S., where no one has seen the gold since the 1950’s, yet officially no one questions its legitimacy (let alone its existence).

Compounding the absurdity of this new gold-scam; we’re now told that the “gold transfers” to Germany are not only also “secret”, but retroactive. As recently as Christmas of last year; “officially” we were told that virtually none of Germany’s gold stored in the U.S. had been returned to it.

But flash-ahead a mere six weeks; and now we’re supposed to believe that all during the months we were officially told that virtually no gold was being shipped to Germany at all, that shipments were regularly taking place – “in secret”. Could not have happened.

As also documented by Zero Hedge; again and again over the past 6 months, various German officials have assured Germans that their U.S.-stored gold was “totally safe”, and thus it wasn’t necessary to repatriate it. This additional layer of lies would have been entirely unnecessary if the gold was actually (secretly) being shipped back to Germany, and would accomplish nothing — except to make those officials look foolish, in hindsight.

Conversely, “assuring” Germans (again and again and again) that their U.S. gold was “safe” is/was precisely what we would expect these stooges to say and do if there was simply no gold to transfer. Now, if all of Europe’s mythical gold is “secretly” shipped back to the vaults of its own (corrupt) banks, then – so the banksters hope – it can mythically exist in their vaults (with no one ever allowed to see it), for the next 60 years or so. Problem solved.

Of course if it took one, intrepid writer only about thirty seconds to see through the One Bank’s latest gold-scam, chances are that this sham won’t fool very many people, for very long. There can be no possible, legitimate reason to do any of this (supposed) gold repatriation in secret. Not only is there no positive reason to do this, there is an obvious reason not to do so: expense.

Doing anything “secretly” means doing it more expensively, starting with the additional “security costs” necessary to maintain the secrecy. If the U.S. government was a prosperous nation, wallowing in a large budget surplus; one could understand such ostentatious secrecy.

However, as the world’s ultimate Deadbeat Debtor, which has had to (literally) resort to counterfeiting its own currency – by the $trillions – merely to stave-off its own bankruptcy; clearly it would need to conduct any trans-Atlantic gold repatriation via economy class. Of course with the U.S. government actually “shipping” nothing (other than more lies), it can afford to go first-class, all the way.

This article is brought to you courtesy of Jeff Nielson From Bullion Bulls Canada.

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