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“Ambassador Ends Neil Keenan Saga”

February 9, 2015

… Ron Van Dyke Update, 8 Jan 2015

* Modern Day Pied Piper / Red Dragon Ambassador ExposedNeil Keenan, Jan 26, 2015 
* Bite The Snakes Before They Bite You – Neil Keenan, Feb 5, 2015
* Heading Back to China – Dave Schmidt, Feb 4, 2015

* The War in Ukraine was originated by Zionists of the State Department and Vanguard Group in order to create new Khazaria, and start WWIII by forcing Russia to bring military forces to Donbass – Benjamin Fulford, Feb 7,2015
* Breaking news from my Russian sources: Germans have arrested Victoria Nuland’s assistant – Benjamin Fulford, Feb 7,2015
* Ukraine crisis: Putin, Poroshenko, Hollande, Merkel voice plans for Minsk meeting 

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