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The Vaccine Conspiracy: U.S. Government Colludes With BIG Pharma To Poison The America People [And The People Of The World!]

February 12, 2015

Noted II:
* U.S. Media Blackout: Italian Courts Rule Vaccines Cause Autism
* Vaccine pioneer admits adding cancer-causing virus to Vaccine
* Two People Contract Mumps After Receiving Mumps Vaccine 

American Medical Association opposes mandatory vaccines: medical ethics statement
* AMA Code of Ethics opposes mandatory vaccines, Mike Adams, informed consent, mumps, TB, skin help, Jamaica cannabis, cholesterol & more! 
* John Oliver takes on Big Pharma

Global Vaccine Complex

U.S. Government and Pharma Corporations Conducting ‘Nazi Medical Experiments’ Worldwide


Childhood Vaccination Regimens:
Barbaric, Insane and Fraudulent

Source of report here.

Is the annual flu vaccine program another reckless form of eugenic engineering, a manufactured slow motion genocide,
or both?

There should be absolutely no doubt about it: The outrageous and odious childhood vaccination regimes instituted across the 50 states and territories of the USA are the product of a multi-decade conspiracy on the part of the US Federal Government and its many health-related organs and corporate collaborators.  This conspiratorial group of institutions includes the U.S. Public Health Service, the Center for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, the American Medical and Psychiatric Associations, the American Hospital Association, the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Medical Profession, the Health Insurance Industry, the World Health Organization, and the United Nations. When operating in concert to administer the many vaccination programs throughout the nation, these institutions represent a monolithic bulwark known as the Global Vaccine Complex.

Other major participants include numerous NGOs and ‘health’ charities, universities and research institutions, private foundations and publicly-held corporations.  By way of an exceedingly glaring example, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Doctors Without Borders are both huge sponsors of this ongoing plot to profoundly undermine the health of populations around the world.  Bill Gates himself has become one of the biggest purveyors of vaccinations the world has ever seen.  His foundation “is the largest private foundation in the world” and therefore capable of doing massive damage to whole nations which buy into their distorted understanding of how to maintain optimal health.

Each of these aforementioned entities has been brought into an immense worldwide conspiracy to super-vaccinate every child on the planet for health threats real and imagined, engineered and fabricated.  Of course, the 64 thousand dollar question is “Why”?

That they (NWO globalists) have forcefully, yet insidiously, imposed such a worldwide regime of medical terror and health destruction is without question.  Exactly who has perpetrated this crime against the children of the world has been partially established above.  “How” they did it will now be disclosed … before the “Why” is revealed.


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