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‘United States’ the World’s No.1 Terrorist

February 20, 2015

* Steve Quayle – All Hell Is Breaking Loose – February 15th 2015
* The truth about the United States, law & YOU. This is a MUST WATCH ! 

On the excuse of ‘freedom and democracy’ United States (not to be confused with the nation United States of America) has committed more war crimes than any other country corporation in history – and getting away with murder.

Really, US’s “war on terror” should be waged against US itself.

The world will be more peaceful if only US will just stay home and do what’s right by the American people first – give back your people the freedom and democracy they deserve instead of turning Nazi against your own people.

re-instate America’s true republic and re-build its economy and health, educational and social system. Let the American Dream flourish instead of letting it languish in the American Disaster.

AMERica terrorist no 1

America, the Real Terrorist?

The United States is a Leading Terrorist State

The U.S.A. — a Terrorist State

USA: Top Terrorist State

First American Terrorist: Columbus

US, a leading terrorist state in world: Chomsky

America is the biggest terrorist state of the world

The World’s Foremost Terrorist – The US Government

The Iraq We Left Behind
Welcome to the World’s Next Failed State

Libya is a disaster we helped create. The west must take responsibility.
Who could object to the removal of Colonel Gaddafi? But what has happened since shames western interventionists.

America Is Running the World’s Largest Terrorist Operation
Experts on the Left and the Right Agree

America: the world’s number one sponsor of terrorism

Why people believe America is the ‘greatest threat to peace’

10 Reasons Why America Is A Failed Terrorist State

The forever conflict: Will America’s war on terror ever end at home?

How Americans Became Terrorists in Africa
Somali war radicalized Minnesota youth

Who’s Terrorizing Who? In Yemen, America Is The Terrorist

The American Empire’s Terrorist Network

Americans troubled more by governmental abuse than terrorism

Western support for terrorism

How the USA Started a Civil War in Ukraine

List of wars involving the United States

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