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MH 17 Shootdown Log: Radar Spoofing

March 13, 2015

Noted II:
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[If this is not yet another activity that proves everything in the world is rigged, then one is not paying attention. Humanity has been forced to live in a fake reality that has been imposed by the satanist cabal. Enough is enough. There has to be a re-boot of the entire system to change things around and the whole treasonous, evil lot be brought to book.]

“When is an SU 25 something else entirely”



“The government and media have always known radar images are faked”

Source here.

[ Editor’s note: I asked Chip to do this piece based on his background with the technologies and how vital it is for the public to know that all information about plane locations, altitudes, speed or even plane type have been faked though EW (Electronic Warfare) modules for years.

Thus, the radar tracking from 9/11…faked…the SU25s tracking MH17….faked as well, wrong altitude, wrong planes, maybe not even Ukrainian or Russian at all. An Israeli F15 taking off from Azerbaijan was “there.” Did it magically turn into two SU 25’s? We can prove it could have. What Chip proves is that efforts to sell government conspiracy theories based on faked radar is going to have to come to an end. We are busting them now… Gordon ]



Much of what you see is stage managed theater

In 2010, Israeli fighters bombed a suspected nuclear materials site in Syria. Here’s the million dollar question: How did they do it without tipping off Syria’s Russian-bought air defense radar? Israel hacked the network.

So lets consider what means could have been used and even more, how technology has advanced in the last four years.

DARPA and the U.S. Air Force are prime users and developers of radar systems, using them for early warning during the Cold War, when the Air Force had both airborne and ground based radar systems deployed around the world to guard against and detect Soviet aircraft.

Radars were and continue to be one of the most important pieces of equipment on modern aircraft. The faster and farther away an adversary can be identified and accurately tracked helps to give the pilot an edge that can be vital during combat.

Electronic warfare techniques (EW and ECM) and technology have been in use since World War II and go hand in glove with radar systems. These technologies are often used to jam, counter jam, spoof, or confuse enemy radar operators and weapon systems, allowing the aircraft to accomplish their mission.


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