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MT Keshe teaches ‘new physics’ and donates his patents of new technologies to help free humanity from enslavement

April 7, 2015

* 2nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop March 13, 2014 

Every living soul on planet earth can end his/her reliance on petrol … we can supply our own energy … we can ‘make’ gold and diamonds … we can produce our own food and water … we can manufacture our own materials … we can heal ourselves of sicknesses … we can travel to anywhere in space. We can end our quest for loads of cash – for money is the tool the cabal uses to enslave us!

First, understand The Lie We Live

Now, learn from MT Keshe how you can free yourself …

Keshe Foundation YouTube Channel

Keshe Knowledge Seeker Workshops

Keshe Knowledge Seeker Workshops – by MrfixitRick 

Keshe Foundation 

Keshe Foundation Forum 

Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute YouTube Channel

Spaceship Institute Teaching Workshops

Spaceship Institute Teaching Workshops on Livestream

Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute 

Spaceship Institute New Tech News

Download: 2012 Keshe Foundation USB stick contents
(“From today the knowledge for production of free food, health systems, materials, energy and motion is fully given and delivered to human race, unconditionally and as gift from us to humanity.” – MT Keshe, Keshe Foundation, 15 March 2014)

MT Keshe explains how you can convert gas like carbon dioxide (CO2) into solid matter in room temperature, which regular scientists will tell you it is impossible to do

MT Keshe exposes some members of the cabal who had assassinated scientists and tried to kill him, with the intent to suppress his knowledge and technologies

Download: The Unknown Truth About the Keshe Foundation – 2014

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