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Past, Present and Future Trilogy

May 31, 2015

Part #1 – Control by Felony

* Past, Present and Future Trilogy | Part #2 – Changing the Game Plan 
* Past, Present and Future Trilogy | Part #3 – Breaking the Illusionary Concept of Life 

* Towards a Militarized Police State in America? Explosive New Revelations over “Jade Helm 15 Exercise” and Potential False Flags
* Bankers plan secret London meeting to ‘end cash’ 


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By One World of Nations Team – Friday, May 29, 2015

A new Trilogy to help Global audiences see the Past, Present and Future of America and the Emerging Nations. Where it’s been, where it’s heading and why it’s gone so wrong.
Can YOU handle the truth of your current Reality? Or help change it?

The reality check on America today is truly frightening. This is a nation of citizens not even free in their own land. The Usurper is unchecked, Usurping evermore. Madness rules under the remit of Fools.

Once in the history of this great nation, States united to try to form a collective alliance for all the people and to establish a safe haven Republic for all, away from Feudal corruption. Brutal, ugly and vicious wars were fought with the sole intention of a Free Nationhood. The role model dream for all. The stark reality of the Founders battles is humbling for true Americans, or truly empathising Allies. America’s real enemies are within. Not its real people, but the Zionists and treasonous Cabal corrupting or sequestrating all they touch.
The supreme right for a citizen of any nation aspiring to Democracy, is to be free in their own homeland. Yet an Illegal, unscrupulous, lying and devious Foreign Con Man seeks to dispossess Americans of their unamiable rights. Worse, as this totally rotten undemocratic system is neutered, he is getting away with it. Founders and forefathers contemplated deeply before unveiling their ethos of The Constitution, with the sole intent to provide an unamiable protection of personal Sovereign Rights of Freedom to shelter the nation from Feudal tyranny and oppressive corruption, Monarchic or State. What has happened to your Liberty? The Torch and Beacon of Light for all? We see a sad, current vision of Statesmanship, akin to a Sherman Tank derailed in a ditch, being asset stripped by itinerant hordes of scavenging Political deviants, Zionists and Cabal looters. America is but a perception, but of what? What is the calm, pragmatic view of reality now? The Cabal seeks to loot the very Soul of this ailing society. Good, deserving Americans are sidelined while this vacuous monstrosity demolishes the hopes and dreams of the nation.

Men of courage, and honour

Think of those who came before and aimed high, to build a true and compassionate Democracy. Men of Integrity and vision. Men of pride who cared.

Think of Lincoln and all he stood for. George Washington who helped forge and unite a nation in conflict. Theodore Roosevelt, a forerunner of the paper Tigers who were to become Administrators. But in many ways Teddy was Special. A man’s man. Teddy has walked the walk, talked the talk and fought. Unlike the Draft Dodgers, Cowards and Wimps be straddling the great office today. What a collective bunch of fools and misfits brings ignominy to this great Office today. Sad mediocrities.

From Explorer and as an active Military Officer in conflict, Teddy earned the right to lead. He developed his own social beliefs and sought to put right America. Teddy had qualities and standards. He raised the bar and also, with pride, his nation. Teddy is, and deserves to be, a proud memory of the best of America. Teddy had panache and – Class!

As did Franklyn Roosevelt who led America through a great depression and retained the political powers to assist its economic recovery and build its political prowess and earn respect among nations.

Thomas Jefferson, an Intellectual Powerhouse who sought to determine, define and establish key points of a Constitutional basis of Law to stand good for Americans freedom. Woodrow Wilson who unfortunately gave away Banking control to the Jews, unleashed the power, duplicity and scurrilous low cunning of the coming Zionist Rat Pack to burrow in and encircle America’s Banking, to then usurp and sequestrate like a viral plague. Harry S (Not so) Truman, a slippery weasel not beyond triple dealing when it suited. Dwight Eisenhower, who fought his war but lost to the avarice and chicanery of what, even then, was becoming a clear and real danger of the emerging monetary driven Military Industrial Cabal alliance and corrosive Agencies. He forewarned the danger to the people and world of what was emerging if not stopped. As did JFK.


 * Past, Present and Future Trilogy | Part #2 – Changing the Game Plan

Thinking Americans, who collectively helped shape this vast Industrial powerhouse. They lead and lifted the nation behind them. Men humbled by and proud to serve their nation with dignity. Men of courage, and honour.
All to be overtaken and sidelined by the unelected and all too often brazenly unlawful, even criminal, Military Industrial Complex, combined with these bloodsucking Zionists, which has become an ugly and oppressive plague of tyrannies. Americans have neither a voice nor true representation. Nor do they seem to understand the dilemma, nor the precarious nature of their depleting existence. Nor do they realise these are the real issues, not another grubby free ride on devastated nations currencies. Americans if facing what poor Vietnam and Iraq suffered, would at last grasp why the world has real issues with them. Be assured, few Americans could walk the streets of the Middle East or Asia at night, and get safely home. America has become what the Founders most abhorred. Thank the Bushes and the Zionists for this. America truly let the Dogs in.

Nero fiddles while Rome burns

The nation, as indicated by none other than Oscar Wilde, seems to have experienced a complete Cultural bypass. Evolution is a process of conscious thought and seeking new boundaries. America today has morphed into a complacent Welfare Mentality Herd marching to the planned dictates of the Tri Laterals and Zionist Banking / Media oligopolies. Sheeple to do the leg work for the system, as Goyims to process. The US may as well base its consciousness on a flat Earth, as the society seems en masse to have no consciousness of Global or even Fiscal realities. America has not evolved, but seems to have fallen off a worldwide consciousness plane. Blatant immorality is condoned with the likes of the loathsome Clintons, there are serious questions of the sexual preferences and history of the illegal Usurper, and the idea of yet another Bush Crime family member, with an even more abhorrent Bush dysfunctional family history being a contender, orchestrates the sad and laconic standards America has lapsed into. Anything goes, no matter how low. The most shameful of Clinton and Bush families, only get away with it because of a dysfunctional society, impervious to social order and morality. The Sheeple have become Pavlov’s dogs, barking to order at feed time. Where are American values? How dare this country preach Democracy to others when it has none itself at home?
When, as is coming, the Free Lunches of the Welfare masses cease, what then?
The Global Capital pot is finite, and as new Big Dogs take more, less will be left for this ailing nation of Fat Cats. Just look at the size of many of the Welfare Mommas and their kids. Gut busting but not from work for sure. Beyond reality TV shows, what other function do they serve?
Why grow to order, to feed illegals from over the border? Or fill Reality shows, with products of the Ghettos? What sort of nation has built a culture following around the size of Kim Kardashian’s arse? For Global warming and atmospheric methane levels rising, look no further. The new flatulence foundation who seem to have emerged to fill a morbid role play for the Sheeple.
Murphy’s Law, What can go wrong does. Murphy has been hyper active in the US it seems for decades. While still the Sheeple flounder on. So many men of truly questionable moral character go to the Churches on Sunday. Why? Few try to live it.
How can a pseudo Abrahamian based religion, the byproduct of the ramblings of a paranoid delusional schizophrenic, have any meaning or bearing on morality or Spiritual values? Or Muslims following a Child Molesting false Prophet? Where are the thinking beings? Is this all we have evolved to? It’s time for Americans to come of age, and challenge these clearly deranged ideologies. Living advanced mammals have evolved over millions of years, and our biology is for a reason. So why cut pieces off the sensitive sexual organs of our children based on the rantings of a paranoid lunatic? His ideologies of communicating to God, Hello??? Today you would section him, so why follow him? It’s a truly gruesome act. How can any wife condone or allow it? Their brainwashing since childhood has worked well. Special people, special relationships and chosen people. What a Crock! Watching those head banging and chanting at the Wailing Wall says it all. Seriously delusional. This is not the New Age Thinking for a 21st Century nation. It’s time to Sin Bin the Wailing Wall, Abrahamian delusions and child mutilation. It’s not your body to circumcise and child violate. It’s a truly abhorrent practice. (A guy needs every ounce out there in the war zone!)

Betrayal from within

America is still in many areas a vibrant country of good, and able people. Most mean well, and as we saw with Mike, rose as one with good heart to help a fellow man in need. This is a decent society at heart. But one being badly misled and betrayed from within. Yet, as complacent Sheeple, none seem aware of the nation’s deteriorating economic reality, or pending incoming recession. The MSM fills their heads with dumbed down, infantile and mind numbing mediocre programs, and news is just base propaganda. Interjected by incessant adverts. This has become a nation indoctrinated since childhood subjected to a continuous rendition of State spawned thought reformation programming – Brainwashing!
Macroeconomic moves are being orchestrated by cooperating and colluding nations, who are planning tandem moves to shunt the Cabal and Fed off the central stage, leaving the IMF with palpitations as they now realise the new AIIB potential. When Obuma threatened Russia with SWIFT withdrawal, the Russians simply went out and developed their own. As have the BRICS nations seizing the new dawn of joined up Thinkers. Simply excluding the US from all economic dependency, removes its viperous control and influence. 320M people can no longer be allowed to wage wars and dictate to 7 billion people while looting their national treasuries and reneging on all due redemptions. The US Cabal / Zionist Rico racket is not fit for purpose. The world will NOT be ruled by Washington and the coming battle is that of free will. The right to be.
Hubris nor arrogance will reshape the future. Our battle is not with the American people, but with the Cabal and conspiring Fed and Banks. We are Ziophobic! Our battle is with the layers of Tri Lateral spawn suppressing the American nation, and manipulating world peace. They orchestrated the illegal occupancy of the White House with the Foreign National Usurper, itself a Treasonous undertaking. Left alone, their NWO ethos would derail free humanity.
As such, we will have no part of it. Nor will Russia or China. Their 50 year plan is failing as their economic control is ailing. Left unchecked, collapse would be inevitable. So, what is truth and where are your going? Has hope died while Leaders lied?
As you start to wake up in your Matrix confusion, what next?

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