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60 News Flash: Prosperity Fund Payments to be released on or around August 17

June 12, 2015

And all debts in the world (no one left out) will be paid off via M1 … really ?

Message to PM Najib … hang in there, the lifeline to your 1MDB problems could be on its way!


Noted III:
* King of King`s (M1?) address to the world global finance change

* 60 News Flash Update!

Is this M1 speaking?

Noted II:
* Discussing the Truth of the RV/GCR The Sedona Connection Update with Dave Schmidt, June 10, 2015 

* Swiss Federal Criminal Court Recognizes Switzerland’s Treaty with the Hawaiian Kingdom was Never Cancelled and Implies Hawai‘i was Never Annexed 
* Economist Cover: “Watch Out”
* Joint Statement by Breakaway Ukrainian Republics Claim Wish to Join Russia 

Dan Lutz n M1

Screenshot of pix of Dan Lutz with M1

Heads-up from here. Exercise discernment.

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