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How to produce FREE energy to power your home and car using magrav ‘plasma reactor technology’

July 4, 2015

This is a Ground-Breaking Keshe Foundation (Kf)  Announcement, July 2, 2015

>> Don’t let the big terms frighten you :) <<

Follow the step-by-step demonstration of the new Kf technology by Alekz (a barber) to help free yourself and humanity -> so simple it’s jaw-dropping -> watch, learn and make the knowledge go viral !

magrav = ‘ magnetic gravitational ‘ field
gans = gas in nano state


DAY 2 – Morning

DAY 2 – Afternoon

Questions & Answers

Schematics – Courtesy of this site.






















Kf Omega Quantum
Single-Core Plasma Reactor


Kf Omega Quantum
Star-Formation Plasma Reactor


Kf Omega Quantum
CO2 Capture Kit


Keshe Foundation
Keshe Foundation YouTube Channel
Kf Spaceship Institute YouTube Channel


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  1. lmorley permalink

    The concept looks interesting but maybe its a cultural thing they are doing a very poor job of marketing.. What they need to do is build products pick a select group a volunteer homes install the product then check back in 6 months to show the power utility bill over that time.. Once you prove that with real people, you can really build interest.

    The activist approach of working with Governments is actually wrong.. If you want to help the developing world, its best to sell the products for reasonable price in developed countries then donate the products at a cheaper price to developing countries.. Simple approach.. no need to think the world will change overnight.. Work with Commercial entities and NGOs to get things done with less corruption..

  2. Agreed. I’m seeing this dude around on some of the more progressive free energy blogs. But i haven’t seen a product verified by any reputable 3rd parties.

    I honestly cannot imagine it would be that difficult.

    Here’s a suggestion– send some finished products (or at least minimal viable products) to various UNIVERSITIES. Or yeah, give some away to some news sources! Give them away and ask people to blog, etc.

    That cost would be minimal, just manufacturing a few units and shipping.

    Nobody is going to send the Keshe Foundation 500 Euro without any type of 3rd party assurance. It smells like an internet scam to me. All of the science is way over my head (and everyone else’s) so much so that these guys are just blowing smoke and sounding smart.

    • Anonymous permalink

      May be you are one of those that want him dead

  3. Totally awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing! This understanding will FREE our world from any lack… and governments will become obsolete unless they start working in the BEST interest of the People. The Presentation in Rome on oct. 16 ” 3rd Ambassadors Meeting was EPIC!!! World Peace is so near now!! Deep gratitude to Keshe Foundation’s World Team!!!

  4. Reblogged this on Venus Starchild and commented:
    Check out the 3rd Ambassador meeting in Rome on oct.16 where the Plasma Energy Unit was given in exchange for the signing of the Road Map to Peace … Thanks IAMalaysian for this post <3

  5. william aristizabal permalink

    I agree that this technology should not be left to governments to market, KF should partner with trusted contractors to build and install the equipment at a reasonable price and any profits from the sale and installation could be recycled to help those who can not afford the system.

    Most governments have loyalty towards the elite and special interest corporations, I hope this message reaches those who are trying to make this exceptional device available to all humanity.

    • Jesse permalink

      I think you are missing the point. anyone can build his/her own….. No country right now will want this on the market as the oil profits that wars are being fought over will disintegrate…the elite will not allow that, so Keshe has given it freely to the world so you can build your own. there is no marketing to be done it is not for sale, he owns the rights to it… yes he will sell a small system but would rather you build your own and a couple extra for your neighbors and spread the teaching so we can all have free power.

  6. Redmsn J Crosby permalink

    This technology is groundbreaking .. I had a very dear friend who was an Iranian Indian who was telling me the early starters of this some 30 years ago in Adelaide in a pre emptive way .. He was a genius and did not suffer fools lightly .. He was ridiculed by many and had many supporters and plenty of doubters .. Keshe is bringing back many memories for me of this technology .. My friend was into Pico Guauss fields which used the Hall egffect with wound copper wire transferring information into the matrix of water and the healing of .. Dr Red

  7. Steve king permalink

    Keep me updated please

  8. Fraz Frazzle permalink

    Blessings and greatest grattitude to the Keshe family! I have been working on all the steps. making the foil batteries.etc. I have been one step ahead of the video all the way.. but did not “Get the principles” until last night. At 11pm PST USA. I got it! I saw in my mind the lift system, the non-motor “motor” the navigation ciruit .. I am so excited I could hardly sleep. My goal is by the end of next week, to have a flying carpet to show Mr Keshe! it is sooooo easy! (on paper anyway) … I wish to thank the Brazilin Government, The Brazilian Miners, and the Brazilian Copper mills. I go by frazzle as my chosen name.

  9. Frank R permalink

    To anyone reading this. I have been following Keshe for years. In all this time he has failed to produce even 1 video of a working unit on anything he claims. I had such high hopes for him but have realized he is just a scammer and a joke.

    DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS MAN UNTIL YOU ACTUALLY SEE IT WORKING AND GET 3RD PARTY VERIFICATION. Wake up people. He is advertising AND SELLING these Margrav Free Energy Units and won’t even give a real demonstration……………………WAKE UP…….WAKE UP.

    Frank R

    • Hi Frank R,

      During the 3rd World Ambassadors Meeting in Rome on Oct 16 Mehran Keshe demonstrated on livestream the MP system powering a LED light, a 110 and 220 watts drill simultaneously. You should wake up, yourself. What more will it take to convince you the system works until you get one yourself?

      Did you watch the video? Did you also watch the much earlier video where Alekz made a looped-system (plasma power beads) on the spot and the system was put online to show it powering a stand fan and how, many days later, the ‘primitive’ system was supplying power to the grid?

      M Keshe has been critized for his ‘sham’ by so many for so long and he kept demonstrating online the system works but people still close their minds to his humanity-liberating technology.

      The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Build one MP system yourself and see if it works. (Don’t ever listen to anyone else. Listen to yourself.) The blueprint for building one has been released.

      One can fool some people some of the time; but not all the people all the time.

      Wake up folks, or continue to stick your heads in the sand and be stuck in status quo.

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