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Keshe Foundation ready-to-order ‘Magrav Power’ for FREE energy for your home and car!

July 13, 2015

* [Re-post] How to produce FREE energy to power your home and car using magrav ‘plasma reactor technology’ 

Kf Magrav-Power Car System


This is a full system that is able to power your petrol or electric car forever! No re-charging required!

Kf Magrav-Power Universal System (for your home)


This is a full system that is able to power your home forever, and produce electricity for the grid! Minimal assembly required.


Order here!


From → World Watch

  1. Coco permalink

    It is not self-running, but it’s still an overunity of 400% I think.
    Has anyone ever ordered one ?

  2. David permalink

    Hi Coco, I havent found any postings of this actually working in their house, if I buy 1 and it work I would show everyone I know, youtube, twitter, facebook. Im still thinking about buying 1, now the $300 donation before you even check it out seems a bit scammy…

    • Anonymous permalink

      Hi David can u send to me how can get magrav can u send a full address I live in uk

  3. Ron Williams permalink

    Very poor presentation. I would lie to see this produce hooked up to a house/car and see it actually work. I would also like to see all long term house/car testing on these products.

  4. Amen67 permalink

    Hi I lik bay one magrav but I don’t know where abut I live in uk can u help me pleas

    • Hi Amen67 and Anonymous,

      Here is where you can go order your magrav system …

      This is the link to the new Keshe Foundation webstore. As far as i am aware, at present there is no physical retail store established to sell these magrav systems.

      Thank you for visiting my blog.


  5. Amen permalink

    Hi I’m looking for magrave for home how Mach cost me for full energy home u can contact me by viber 0044 7861xxxx

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