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Keshe Foundation: 3rd Ambassadors Meeting, Rome 8PM CET October 16th (recorded)

October 17, 2015

“Free Energy In Exchange For World Peace”

* Recent Meetings, Earth Alliance Agenda & Progress in Part 2/3 Article – Sphere-Being Alliance, Corey/GoodETxSG 16 Oct 2015
* Benjamin Fulford: Message To Cohen Crime Family – Surrender or Die!

* Philippines Preview to Free Energy Conference Oct 17 2015 

(Edited version – Without the interruption of translation)

(Unedited Full Version)

Kf Magravs (plasma) Power system; Released for the first time to the world in Rome on 16 October 2015.

For a start, with Kf Magravs (plasma) Power …

magrav power

Kf Magravs Power system. Supplies all the energy you need for your home (or car without the need for petrol). It’s solid-state. Plug and play. No moving parts. No heat. No vibration. No noise. No maintenance required. Damage-proof. Weighs 900gm. Lasts a life-time – or longer.

now the world will no longer need another environment-destroying …

this …


Fossil fuel / petroleum, super-tankers and oil spills will be history.

this …

Ratcliffe coal fired power station

Nuclear power plants will be history.

this …


Hydro-electric generating dams will be history.

this …


Power lines will be history.

this …


Oil / gas pipelines will be history.

this …


Wind-turbine farms will be history.

this …

Cestas Solar Farm

Solar-panel farms will be history.

this …


Oil drums will be history.

nor this!


Coal mining will be history.

Keshe Foundation

Keshe Foundation FaceBook

Keshe Foundation SpaceShip Institute

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