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Keshe Foundation: 89th Knowledge Seeker Workshop November 26, 2015

November 28, 2015

New knowledge for building improved Kf Magrav Power System

* Another important update from Mr Keshe 

  1. Maintain numerological “ratio of 9” when winding coils
  2. Wind outer coil (magnetic) 144 ccw turns, inner coil (gravitational) 81 ccw turns
  3. Do not bend back / ‘clip’ ends of wire, leave them straight
  4. Ensure both outer magnetic and inner gravitational coils are as close as possible to one another
  5. Nano-coating by gas-torch firing improves system performance by as much as 30 – 50% compared to nano-coating by caustic
  6. After every nano-coating, realign plasma energy flow to move in one direction with volt meter set to 200 mV > connect black probe to + , red probe to –  (video from 27 ‘ mark)

Brad and Thomas have managed to produce gold!


From → World Watch

  1. Saw the demonstration on winding the coils using a drill. However that YOU Tube disappeared. Can you help me find it. Thanks. George

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