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Here’s what’s wrong with most countries today and are in the terrible state that they are in: Their leaders lie to the people with impunity.

March 5, 2016

Hillary Clinton lying for 13 minutes straight

Why Americans should NOT vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016

From → World Watch

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  1. Please post and share this link far and wide…it is the greatest secret hidden from man…a horrific trespass occurred against us all at birth and we don’t know it until now…$279 Trillion dollar commercial lien has been filed and in full force against the ABA (American Bar Association) and the International Bar (London) by multiple common law court judges….yes JUDGES…they have blown the lid off the global corruption along with this man from Canada.

    Please POST THIS LINK AND DON’T STOP THIS APPLIES TO ALL COMMON LAW COUNTRIES (A Planned Trespass Against the Mind of Man) (Judge from Alaska everyone read her pdf’s posted we finally have TRUTH!)

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