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Your birth certificate and Who you really are

March 6, 2016

Your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is not ‘thou a man’.

Your name in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS refers to your PERSON. It is a ‘legal fiction’ that was created by the corporation masquerading as your government. (By the way, to capitalise means “to take advantage of” and as a PERSON thou is certainly taken advantage of and they tell it straight to thy face!)

Your legal fiction PERSON is created the moment the corporation issues thee with a birth certificate, where thy name first appears in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. From that moment on, thou the man was provided with TWO IDENTITIES and thou the man would be taken advantage of by the corporation by it applying the magical plural word ‘YOU’, which enjoins ‘thou a man’ to your PERSON.

Here’s how thou has been taken advantage of without thou knowing it:

Firstly, your PERSON has allowed the corporation to diminish thy status and turn thou into its ‘slave’ and trade thou on the stock exchange with thy birth certificate as bond.

Secondly, your PERSON has provided the corporation the opportunity to fool thee into thinking that thou comes under its jurisdiction and that its laws (statues and codes) and courts apply to thee.

Time to wake up people and break free from the spell!

“The greatest secret hidden from the consciousness of man is now exposed. Do you have the courage? Then prepare yourself for a monstrous truth that is about to turn your world upside down and save it if you will open your heart and mind as our world awakens.”Christopher J, Sep 20, 2015

Writings of Judge Anna von Reitz from Big Lake Alaska

Man and Law – Karl Lentz

Craig Lynch YouTube Channel

Black’s Law Dictionary Free Online Legal Dictionary 2nd Edition

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