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Keshe Presents Another Breakthrough!

August 12, 2016

FREE ENERGY (Magrav) Plasma Generator Here NOW!!


* Kf SSI 128th Knowledge Seekers Workshop Aug 11 2016 – (Must Watch) 

* MAKING GOLD – Prepare Gold Gans PART 1 – Thorbjørn Morstad
* Testimonial on the Keshe Foundation Magravs Home Power Supply
* Plasma Presentation – Thorbjorn Morstad, Calidad Norway
* Plasma Battery 3000 Volts!!! Keshe Method
* Working Magrav Power System For Car
Car Magrav Insights 98th KSW
* Working Magrav + Solar Panels – Keshe Tech – Strange things Happening
* Test off grid v2 1  

Now, no one on planet Earth should be without energy … living in the dark, in severe hot or cold condition.

There should also be no more construction of environment-unfriendly hydro-electric dams, nuclear power stations, wind farms, solar-panel farms or oil pipelines. In fact all these environment-damaging and unsightly ‘complexes’ should be torn down and the environment restored to their original pristine state.

“This technology (magrav power system) solves all problems of, and for, humanity.” – James from Canada

Everyone on planet Earth can use the Keshe Foundation magrav power technology to produce energy, water, food, gold, diamond, materials, health-healing system, space-flight system, weapon-disabling system, etc. This technology does not require any external power source to function. There are no magnets, no moving-parts. There is no noise, no heat, no pollution. No maintenance or top-up required. The system (which you can build yourself at a very low cost) works perpetually. It is a stand-alone system. It will operate anywhere in the universe. Humanity will no longer be enslaved. Humanity will have to learn to live by a new ethos. No more poverty; only abundance for all.

Keshe Foundation Spaceship Institute

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