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Mainstream Media Turns Against Hillary

September 8, 2016

Pro-Hillary media conceding defeat to Trump

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Source of report here.
By Kit Daniels – September 6, 2016

Hillary Clinton is starting to lose support from the mainstream media as her numerous scandals and health issues grow too big to conceal.

Several mainstream articles published on Tuesday followed the same trend: Hillary is losing ground against Trump and may very well lose the election, which is an unusual admission from pro-Hillary media.

“No one — not the bullpen of the New York Mets, not the French army, not Wile E. Coyote, not even Al Gore — is better at squandering a commanding lead than the Queen of Coasting, Hillary Rodham Clinton,” reported Politico, which until now has been a major Hillary cheerleader. “And nobody is better at handing her adversaries talking points to undermine trust, on emails, on the Clinton Foundation, on her own refusal to do something as simple as talking to the reporters who cover her every day.”

“Clinton is still queasy about electoral politics as a profession, grinds it out because it’s the only path to power, is allergic to most media and, in general, does the bare minimum required to get by.”

And the Politico piece wasn’t buried on its site for no one to see; in fact, it’s one of the top stories on Google News, which has always been in the tank for Hillary.

And CNN, which is likely Hillary’s biggest media supporter, admitted she’s losing independents to Trump by 20 points.

“She acts as if this is a traditional campaign against a traditional opponent,” wrote leftist commentator Mike Lupica. “Run around with your hand out in August, start to make your run in September, but Trump is not a traditional opponent.”

“You know the last person who thought he could beat Trump with a great, big war chest of money? Jeb Bush.”

So why the sudden about-face by the mainstream media, which has spent the past year trying to destroy Trump? It’s simple, really: Hillary is imploding so badly that the media cannot continue to cover it up.

Even the mainstream media is dictated by reality, despite its best attempts to control it.

For example, the public knows Hillary has severe health issues, but there’s absolutely nothing the discredited media can do to convince them to reject reality.

The mainstream media now has two options:

1) Continue to lie about Hillary’s health and lose what remains of its credibility or
2) Turn back towards truthful reporting – even if it damages Hillary – and salvage what little influence remains

The media attempts to control public opinion because the public has more power than the media, but when the public is no longer influenced by the media, the media cannot keep lying with impunity.

Remember, the tiniest cracks of truth topple even the most colossal of lies – and with it those who sculpt dishonesty for a living.


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