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Cosmic Disclosure: The Return of Gonzales

September 15, 2016

* Beware of False SSP Whistle-blowers
Distorting the truth to fit their belief systems and UFO religions
Neil Keenan Update, September 13, 2016 | Stupid Is As Stupid Does – Forrest Gump
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“He also mentioned that it was a concern that they didn’t . . . He didn’t think that the syndicates were going to allow Trump to become president even if “they had to stab him on Inauguration Day,” is what he said.” – Corey Goode

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130166_cd_s6e2_the-return-of-gonzales_cvrDavid Wilcock: All right, welcome back to “Cosmic Disclosure”. I’m your host, David Wilcock. I’ve got Corey Goode here, and we are further going into the updates that he has to share with us. This is some of the most amazing stuff. So Corey, welcome back to the program.

Corey Goode: Thank you.

David: Let’s go through now what happens next.

Corey: I was brought up into a Blue Sphere in one of these meetings, and Gonzales was there. And he’d been away for healing with the Mayan breakaway group, and he was a completely different person.

David: So let’s walk through that a little bit. What happened to you when that contact started?

Corey: When the contact started, I had, as I had mentioned, seen Tear-Eir and a silhouette next to him. And it turns out that that person standing next to him was Gonzales, who I hadn’t seen in some time.

David: Well, that must have been a concern, because he was pretty antagonistic towards you before.


Corey: Yeah. And to be honest, I felt a little anxiety when I saw him at first, but the look on his face was completely different. He didn’t have the scowl. He didn’t have the wrinkled forehead, the tensing tendons in his jaws.

And the look in his eyes was totally different. He looked pleasant.

David: Hm. What was it like to see Gonzales in this newly transformed state? Did he have anything to say about the way that he had been before?

Corey: Yes. In the conversation when he was talking to me, he got a serious look on his face, and he apologized for his previous behavior.

He stated that he was triggered. He was in a really bad place. And I could tell – he was indicating that he really wanted to hear from me that I had forgiven him.

So I told him that, just like guys talk to each other, don’t worry about it. It’s in the past. Let’s move forward. And he was visibly pleased that I wasn’t going to hold on to any animosity towards him.

David: Good. What were some of the other things that he had to say at that point?

Corey: Well, he said that when he was going through the process with the Mayan group, that they had asked him if he wanted to know who he was, who he is, and who he would be. And he answered, “Yes’” to the question, and he received information that allowed him to view everything with different eyes. He didn’t see things the same anymore.


David: Did you get the sense that this had to do with past lives, reincarnation, things like that – soul destiny, soul mission?

Corey: Yes, I think it had to do with all that.

David: Okay. Did he also seem to have a vision of like his future – what would happen in the future?

Corey: Well, he did indicate that, talking about his past a little bit, that he had always been mission-oriented, was always wanting to work for the greater good. And he had joined the military to do that.

And he figured by being in the military and completing the mission in any way possible, he was being of service-to-others. And he stated that because of the rank he had and the way he was working up through the military, he ended up falling into a lower-density trap of ego.

David: Hm. So this question of identity is one that you’ve said before was presented to you.

Corey: Yes.

David: So did Gonzales have anything to say to you about that?

Corey: Yes. He told me . . . I had been presented two times . . . Tear-Eir asked me and Kaaree asked me, and I said, “No”, to both of them. And at the time, Kaaree kind of shook her head and said that stubbornness follows me through all of my incarnations.

David: Ha, ha, ha.

Corey: And after telling me that he had said, “Yes”, to that same question, he encouraged me to do the same in the future. And he went on a little bit talking about how he was going to remain with the Mayan group, that he was not going to be able to slide back into an old role, nor would he want to.

He was going to reside with them and be sort of like a delegate with them with other groups in the solar system.

David: Do you think that he went through some kind of Ascension experience? Or was this more of just like an emotional detox?

Corey: An emotional, psychological healing.

David: You mentioned in your update that there was something he said about the battle over Antarctica at this point. Did he just review what you already knew, or . . . ?

Corey: Yes, he gave me kind of a summary review of the information that I pretty much already knew.

David: Okay.

Corey: He did state that there might be another opportunity to have an operation that they had wanted to begin with when they wanted us to provide the intel.

David: Hm.

Corey: So, you know, a lot of the same information with a few new caveats.

David: You then mentioned in the update that he started to go into a lot of information regarding this idea of what William Tompkins has called “the solar sneeze” and what different Cabal groups and other groups think is going to happen.

Corey: Yes. Yeah. This conversation made me tighten up a little bit, get a little anxious. He started off by telling me that all of these groups that are going down to Antarctica are all looking to hide from this solar event.

David: Hm.

Corey: But of the occupants down there under the ice in Antarctica, they all had a different idea about what would happen when this “solar sneeze” occurred.

They all pretty much expected a coronal mass ejection that was the entire sun’s corona mass ejecting.

David: Wow!

Corey: And they stated that most of the more scientific, pragmatic people, they expected a major blast wave to come from the sun that would knock out our electronics, electricity, and then behind that would come the mass ejection that would then hit the Earth.

Now, he said that there was quite a bit of a difference in what the different groups thought was going to occur when this blast hit the Earth.

Some of them expected us to lose all of our electricity grids, all of our electronics would be destroyed, and it would take a few decades to overcome it.

He also interjected that that event was expected to clear any artificial intelligence from our solar system and provide us an opportunity to disseminate all these new technologies to all of humanity at the same time.

David: Were there any other types of opinions about this solar event that were different than that?

Corey: Yes. Some of them expected it to come in, burn up the atmosphere, cause all kinds of earthquakes, volcanoes to go off, cause sort of like a nuclear winter situation. They also expected the sun to go dark for a number of days after this explosion.

David: As if all the light-generating surface is gone now and it has to rebuild or something?

Corey: If you just look at the dark spots in the sun, imagine the whole sun being a dark spot.

David: Wow! All across the board, it seems like we’re hearing about something that the Greeks called “ekpyrosis”.The word means “giant fire”, and it’s a giant fire from the sun. And all these ancient Greek and Roman philosophers all believed the sun was going to do this. It was considered common knowledge in the pre-Christian era that this was going to happen to us.

Corey: Right. And that’s probably the . . . He said the most esoteric groups in these syndicates believe much like our community does, that this is going to be a kind of a spiritual or an Ascension type of event. And this is an event that those in our community look forward to, but one that these syndicates want to hide from or try to hide from.

David: If you go into the Zoroastrian tradition, the word they use for this is “Frashokereti”, which actually translates as “making wonderful”. And they say that the wicked are burned by this but that the just experience some sort of an Ascension. So that’s a very interesting correlation there.

Corey: Right.

David: What happens next?

Corey: We were in the middle of a conversation, and I see a Blue Sphere come into the . . . well, basically it’s not really a room, but come in to where we were.

David: And where were you? Where was this happening?

Corey: I was standing . . . When I had arrived, I had seen Tear-Eir and Gonzales standing next to each other. And when I was looking up at that cosmic scene, they had moved closer. And when they did, I noticed behind them were the two other Blue Avians and the Golden Triangle-Head being.

David: So you were inside one of the Spheres, and so you have that crisscrossing floor of geometric lines, and you’re seeing the canopy of stars, etc.

Corey: Right.

David: So Gonzales gets picked up by a blue orb at this point or something?

Corey: Yes. Just . . . Right in the middle of the conversation, a blue orb comes in, and right before he indicates he’s ready to go, he looks at Tear-Eir, and he said, “I think Tear-Eir wants to bend your ear until I get back.”

And then ‘fst’, he was gone.

David: And you and him have just had a very poignant conversation that, as far as I’m concerned, it’s really the core of the whole reason why I’m on this network. If this kind of an event that he was just describing is about to happen, there could be nothing more important than for us to know about this, to prepare for this, and to understand what it means for us and how we can harmonize with this change.

So what did Tear-Eir have to say to you after you’ve just had this big, heavy discussion?

Corey: Quite a lot, actually – quite a lot. He greeted me, and we started to discuss a little bit about what Gonzales and I had discussed about the solar event.

The sun he showed me pulsing, and then these huge blast waves coming off of it – energetic blast waves.

David: The sun was pulsing? Does that mean that the surface actually changed in size?

Corey: It was pulsing with energy. Energy was pulsing out away from it.

David: So maybe more just the energy comes out, not so much the size or the diameter of the sun changes.

Corey: Right. And the corona . . . There was like a second corona around the sun of electricity bolts all going out.

David: Oh, really? What color was that?

Corey: It was white.

David: Okay. And what were the pulses’ colors?

Corey: White.

David: Interesting.

Corey: Yeah. And I also saw an image . . . He showed me an image of one of these waves hitting the Earth, and it wasn’t what I expected. I expected a wave just to go ‘phoof’ through the Earth.

This wave came, and it hits the magnetic field of the Earth, and then it wraps around, and then it comes back on itself in the North and South Pole and then entered to the core of the Earth.


And then the energy emanated from the core of the Earth outward.

David: Outward in all directions?

Corey: In all directions through the surface.

David: Wow! What did this actually look like? Was it like white colors, white energy?

Corey: Yeah. The energy was white, but there was an interaction around the magnetic field that looked like aurora borealis but all the way around the Earth.


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