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One man against the world, almost

November 11, 2016

Donald J Trump turned the world upside-down when he was elected President.

His journey to the White House was just as phenomenal, and not without struggle. Every step of the way he was confronted with all kinds of barbs and diatribes the world could throw at him, and still does. This shows these pathetic goons will never learn, never change and will continue to display their idiocy and absurdity.

Without a doubt, Donald J Trump’s enemies were – and will continue to be – legion.

They were from his own Republican party. From the opposition DemonKKKrat party. From Obozo’s White House. From the Deep State. From the public servants. From the lobbyists. From the billionaires. From the global elites. From corporate America. From the career politicians. From the banksters. From Wallstreet. From the Newspapers. From the TV newsrooms. From the experts of all stripes. From foreign nationals and governments, friendly and unfriendly. From the talking-heads, pundits, pollsters, millennials, Twitterers, Facebookers, YouTubers, Instagramers, etc. From the wannabes. From the illegal immigrants. From the radical Islamists. From Silicon Valley. From Hollywood. From the TalkShows, RadioShows, MorningShows, EveningShows, LateShows. From the music industry. From the comedians. From vote frauders. From the numbeds, the dumbed-downs and the walking-deads. You get the picture.

They laughed. They mocked. They jeered. They insulted. They ranted. They railed. They heckled. They scorned. They screamed. They ridiculed. They belittled. They smirked. They accused. They spun. They joked. They suppressed. They scoffed. They concocted. They threatened. They conspired. They attacked. They cheated. They lied. They used and unleashed every dirty trick in the book.

Yet, Donald J Trump prevailed.

What he went through reminds me of a man on earth long time ago who faced similar fierce and vicious opposition, vitriol and rejection. That man was … is … and will forever be … Jesus Christ. Thank God Donald J Trump did not have to be crucified to emerge victorious. But what he had to ‘suffer’ along the way was as good as being nailed to the cross.

Whether one would like to believe it or not, Donald J Trump seems to have the guidance and protection of God to lead His people out of bondage. Almost like a saviour sent to deliver the wounded and oppressed to freedom and prosperity – especially the forgotten men and women of a once great nation by the name of United States of America.

If not, how then would one explain how one mere Donald J Trump could have taken on a behemoth and an entrenched cabal establishment, overcame it, and now begin the process of dismantling it?

It’s humanly impossible. It’s against all the odds stacked against him. Unless Donald J Trump is the anointed one sent to do what needs to be fixed.

Celebrate, We the People. God bless USA and Donald J Trump!

The best is yet to come … because … IF GOD BE FOR US[A], WHO CAN BE AGAINST US[A]? – Romans 8:31

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  1. TL Man permalink


  2. Elizabeth Taylor permalink

    Someone needs to have a serious conversation with George Soros about having these riots and destroying of property stopped. Personally. I think he should be charged with treason and deported or be put in prison along with obama & killary and anyone else in the NWO who is responsible. Americans are tired of this stuff as it is just an excuse to destroy property and hurt innocent people. Enough is ENOUGH!!

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