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The world will be a better place with President-elect Trump in the White House

November 11, 2016

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* Who Said “Assad Must Go” And Where Are They Now?
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* CNN Caught Red Handed Hoaxing The Narrative Of President Donald Trump Protests  

* Watch Anti-Trump Protesters Can’t Specifically Explain Why They Are Protesting!  

It’s this blog’s view the world has been held hostage by strangle-hold by a bunch of cabal psychopaths whose only aim is service to themselves. The rest of us is just a “basket of deplorables” for them to use and abuse and to be cast away once our usefulness is over.

Those who are supporting crooked, lieing, murderous, treasonous Hillary better wake up. You guys have been fed so much ‘poison’ your brains seems to have shut down. It’s time to detox and recover from your sleep-walk. Ignore what Michael Moore is now coming out to champion what you should do – f**k him and send him scuttling home! George Soros and his ilk, too!

The first thing you do is tune yourself out of the hypnosis of the Main Stream Media and most of the Hollywood and Music Industry lies and garbages. What is disheartening is the fact these same hollywoodicks and croaker goons involved in these ‘entertrapments’ alike are clueless they are part of the same “basket of deplorables.” While they are actively being used to numb and dumb you down they are themselves mindlessly committing their own suicides.

The cabal’s plan has been to take over the world, one step at a time, and it has shifted into high gear after 9-11. (Now do you understand why since after that planned September Tuesday morning event in 2001, there have been more wars, more destructions, more turmoils, more instabilities, more miseries around the world?) And their self-serving policies are issued from their function respective headquarters comprised of three corporate entities, namely Washington DC Inc (military), City of London Inc (commerce and finance) and Vatican Inc (society and religion). The other wicked corporate entity also to be watchful of is the European Union Inc, housed in a building replicating the uncompleted Tower of Babel of biblical history, for its dream to ultimately become the seat and domain of the One / New World Order with its own military.

With President-elect Trump in the White House and him pursuing what he has pledged to do from his TO DO list, it appears he’s been sent by God to fix America first and then in consequence – the world.

Yes, do “drain the swamp!” And God speed, Mr President Trump!

All the best, USA! All the best, World!

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