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An American living in Norway explains why he voted for Trump

November 21, 2016

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Submitted by a reader of Zero Hedge, living in Norway, who wishes to remain anonymous

President Trump: An American Perspective from Living in Norway, by Anonymous

Background – Moving and Living in Norway

According to Hillary, I am a “deplorable.” I would like to share my story how this came about and what this election meant to me.

My background: I am a forty-something American male; the son of Punjabi immigrants. I was born in the Twin Cities and raised Liberal. Growing up in Minnesota, we believed that the Nordic model was superior to the American one.  My parents voted for Hubert Humphrey and Walter Mondale. However, they grew fond of Reagan. Although I liked “the Gipper,” my inner Democrat persuaded me to cast my first vote in 1988 for Michael Dukakis. Back then, I was an idealistic high school senior. (Subsequently, I voted: 1992-Clinton, 1996-Clinton, 2000-Gore, 2004-Bush, 2008-Obama, 2012-Gary Johnson and 2016-Trump.)

I studied liberal arts for one year in Los Angeles, received a bachelor degree in engineering from a state university, located in the Great Plains, and did an MBA at a school in Chicago after serving five years as a military officer.  I faithfully paid my taxes and abide by all the laws.

At age 42 (almost four years ago), seeking a fair and balanced life, I moved to Norway from the Northeastern United States. My job at a leading Wall Street firm was enjoyable but so demanding that my health started to deteriorate. Mostly, the Norwegian experience has been good, allowing me to restore my health. However, during my time here, I moved from political moderate to an avid Trump supporter.

People ask me all the time: your educated, well-travelled, open minded – what happened? I tell people a candidate needs to have more than a vagina and powerful husband to become President of the United States of America. These qualifications may work in banana republics and former Soviet states but not in America. A person must have merit, on their own standing, charisma and love of country to get my vote.

Trump’s Beating the Odds


Putting Trump’s achievement into perspective, he overcame:

  • Billionaires like Gates, Soros, Murdoch, and Buffet,
  • The Bush and Clinton Dynasties,
  • Corporations,
  • Silicon Valley,
  • worldwide mainstream media,
  • European, Canadian and Mexican condemnation,
  • Criticism from Norwegian Politicians,
  • Hollywood celebrities, especially the influential Lady Gaga,
  • Saturday Night Live comedians and Trevor Noah,
  • CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and Fox News,
  • 19 Republicans!
  • The Bush dynasty (yes Jeb, you can insult your way into the White House if what you say is true),
  • The Democrats who outspent him 2-1,
  • A bad haircut,
  • Attacks against his family,
  • His past.

Putting the above in perspective, this is truly an American underdog story, beating all the odds, critics and even his demons from within. There has not been a story this great since Vince Papale walked on the Philadelphia Eagles or when Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson. Despite the all the negative attention, the American people prevailed. The White House just became more interesting than “Keeping up with the Kardashians” and Hollywood is angry. Americans proved themselves to be truly great, seeing past the superficial and forgivable to the greater issues at hand: effects of unabated globalization and what our Government’s priorities should be.

The Trump victory reinforced that the system works and the power in America is with the people, no matter where they live. Elites and self-righteous, residing in concentrated population centers, could not impose their will on the rest of us. We need to get a grip and realize that we as individuals are indeed powerful. We should follow our own instincts instead of that from billionaires & celebrities. Remember, parents still are great advisors even if they don’t Tweet or post on Facebook.

Social Democracy Reality Check

Living in Scandinavia has been like stepping into a time machine, peering into the future.  We can see what happens when the American Progressive values are allowed to take hold and run unopposed for two generations. Safe spaces morphed into nap rooms at the office. Participation awards evolved into Jenteloven where everyone strives to be mediocre. Lazy is cool and ambition, equating to greed, is sacrilege.  Political correctness is the new religion and indirect communication rules. Creating confusion and condoning irresponsible behavior is the norm.

In the USSR people were not paid well but allowed to steal based on rank. If you worked in the match factory as a laborer, you were “allowed to steal” a few books of matches every week, trading with your friends who worked at the vodka or cigarette factory. If you were middle management, you could steal cases of matches and resell them on the black market. Executives were allowed to steal directly from the cash accounts, affording themselves lavish accommodation and a car. Hence, communism was anything but equal.

In social democratic countries, instead of stealing from the assembly line, they steal time.  Despite having the world’s greatest “Obama Care,” access to sports, healthiest food, cleanest air and water, and shortest working hours per year of any nation, we see a lot of illness. An entry level employee can call in sick 2-3 days at a time unnoticed. Illnesses on Fridays and sunny days are not uncommon.

As you move up, however, and burn through your sick days, you can get even more time off for depression and stress. For example, one middle manager I heard about, oversaw a site move, transporting items from the old office to the new one over a four-week period. He worked some long hours, more than 12 hours per day, but received additional pay and comp time. Nevertheless, after the move, the doctor diagnosed him with depression and he got six months off. The “prescribed therapy,” unbeknownst to the doctor and, was a home renovation. Others, tenured in professional jobs, have no problem getting three months for feeling “stressed or pressured.”

Executives can take even more time off. There is one, considered a legend, that claimed to have cancer. He received two years off with full pay and bonuses. However, when you browsed his social media, he looked like The Most Interesting Man in the World,” skydiving in Red Bull squirrel suits, racing exotic cars, and freestyle skiing.  Protected by a veil of political correctness, rank, and a lack of pride, no one questions these antics.

Two generations of progressive aspirations, known here as social democracy, turned people from curious and ingenious to complacent and fearful of change. Socialism distorts people’s view of profits and productivity. To them scamming when no one is looking is fair and working hard and saving money is selfish and greedy.

Another example: I know a guy who observed that his company spent too much time managing their servers. He studied the situation, collecting facts and data, and proposed a more cost effective “cloud” solution. He stated that hosting your own infrastructure is like making your own electricity: ludicrous. The saved time, from doing low value added work like changing out hard drives, could have been used to optimize performance and automate routines. Instead of implementing the change, they relocated the guy to another part of the company where he effectively stares out of the window. He eventually quit and joined a leading cloud company. He was a threat to the status quo. They wanted to keep feeding and caring for horses and wagons instead of getting a car and expanding the business. The increased business would have not only been more financially rewarding but also created more jobs.

Therefore, most American college graduates, wanting to change the world, will be seen as a threat by the very people they admire. After arriving on the job, they are often shut down, given menial tasks and ignored. After some time, they retreat to the American ghettos throughout the region (ironically located in the upscale areas), seeking their own kind and realizing that they have something unique, only gotten from the American experience.

Delusions about American Racism and Discrimination: An American resume and job application does not require a photograph or birthdate. However, in Norway, your CV must have both. In the Nordics, it is about how you look, your age and your name. “There is no corruption in Norway, but there are networks.” If you are not in the group, dating back to high school and college, you will have a difficult time getting a good job. The foreigners only get jobs where there is a dire need like in IT and medicine. Although the pay is good, promotional opportunities are limited. America by far has the fairest and indifferent hiring and advancement practices, focusing solely on merits and contribution.


Questions that appear on European job applications but considered illegal in America.

The social democratic system is nothing to look up to: This is now especially true with the dim oil outlook. Most of the programs are funded by tax revenue collected from oil jobs and the subsequent consumption. The government turned people from Vikings, fighting and competing for survival, to those living off lottery winnings: out of touch with the realities of life and doomed to failure in a generation.

The Democrats, and especially Obama’s, America-loathing views, are toxic. We have nothing to apologize for. Our overt pride is part of our national character and what makes us great. It is a beacon to those aspiring to realize their full potential. Progressives have been turning pride in workmanship and achievement into something that is politically incorrect. I recall how great it felt to be an American with Reagan in office, giving purpose to our lives.

Young Americans will find the socialist paradises to become hell in the next 20 years as their funding dries up and the immigrant troubles fully surface. Life is about struggle and overcoming adversity. Your struggles and victories against them are yours. Overcoming hardship builds your character and confidence from the core, giving you the sense that “you can do it.” Young Americans should seek and crave such experiences.

As an American living abroad, you will feel a strong inner confidence and a sense of purpose, ingrained by our culture no matter where or how you grew up.  Nordic HR managers complain if you work too much, stating that Americans work culture is different from the Norwegian one and must be reined in, mandating laziness. My foreign colleagues and I sneak around to work overtime, getting the job done. Otherwise, our clients will choose another vendor. Oftentimes, the foreign skilled-workers carry the motherload so that the locals can continue to enjoy their benefits.  There is a lot of opportunity for those with American will, determination and work ethic. Remember where it came from 240 years ago.

Hollywood Celebrities Leaving America, Riots & Bored Billionaires


Hillary supporter and role model for women?

Most Hollywood celebrities, generally, are the most narcissistic, decadent and out of touch people in our society, living a life completely different from the rest of us. They live in homes larger than many apartment complexes, gated with security on all corners. Try to get close to them, and you could get arrested. Many charge for appearances, speeches, and autographs.  I fail to understand why people follow them for political advice. Very few are educated in economics, history, sociology or engineering. (Trump has a degree from UPenn-Wharton, an Ivy League school). The greatest celebrities in my life were my friends, neighbors and family members after a little wine and beer on Thanksgiving and Christmas, telling jokes and stories.

If they want to leave America, we should help them make it happen. The exit tax is around 28% of capital gains on their worldwide assets over $627,000, realized or not. Our government could certainly use the revenue, and we could turn their homes into affordable multi-family dwellings, allowing those left out from globalization to access good school districts for their kids. However, it seems that they are backing down, realizing they could not be what they are anywhere else but in America.

At the end of the day, most celebrities only care about their “brand” and pocket book. Right now, many are getting in the spotlight to grab publicity that they normally would have to pay for, pretending to be interested in our problems. The main reason that they don’t like Donald Trump is that he is competition. The reality show in the White House, real and relevant to our everyday lives, will be far more interesting than watching them work through their pompous dilemmas.


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