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Flag officers stopped Hillary’s steal election night!

November 22, 2016

“Stew Webb goes over the Jason Bourne type spy war that raged behind the scenes to prevent the steal of the 2016 election!”


US Military Flag officers loyal to Donald Trump took matters into their own hands when they saw the election hack being initiated in the early morning hours of November 9th!

Remember when all the counting seemed to freeze and Fox News said they wouldn’t be able to call any of the critical states until the next morning?  That’s exactly when they tried to steal it!  Mainstream fake news announcers were all in on the steal and knew it was coming! This explains why Megyn Kelly and others looked so shocked after having just reported from Fox’s election back room to be told no results until morning!

US Military Flag Officers were willing to declare war on the CIA in Virginia and forced them to back off and disconnect their computers immediately or face an airstrike!  

Hear the amazing story directly from Stew Webb in the video.  We’ll never know the names of the patriots who stopped the steal but they are the true heroes! The evil ones are desperate now! They are now playing their last cards of Race War, Protests, Killing Cops, False Flags and Electoral College fraud by pushing the lie Hillary won the popular vote!  She didn’t!

“We can now report that Hillary Clinton made a call to her CIA ‘handler’ daddy Bush aka George Herbert Walker Bush to hack and steal five (5) states on election night 2016 on behalf of Satanist lesbian Hillary as daddy had done for his Satanist homosexual son in the year 2000 election coup de eat.

After a half an hour after the 2016 election coup was ordered by pedophile daddy Bush (George H.W. Bush) the patriotic U.S. Military stepped in and stopped the election hacking operation and tuned off the E-Systems West Star satellites and Israeli VIA Sat satellite out of Englewood, Colorado that were about to steal yet another U.S. Presidential election.”

Megyn Kelly was in shock!  The steal didn’t happen as she was told!


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