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Welcome to PizzaGate: Fully sourced, simply organized, summary and history of main findings

December 10, 2016

Everything you wanted to know about the world’s most heinous satanic crime by governments, and elites, but didn’t know where to start

* The PIZZAGATE Evidence You Will NEVER See In The Mainstream Media  

* The Day A TV Reporter Thought Debunking David Icke Would Be Easy  


Disclaimer: Information has been crowd sourced by the community (not myself) and I have just put it together for you to investigate and decide on your own. People are innocent till proven guilty. It is our hope that good honest professional law enforcement agents look into this to settle the alarming findings true or not and provide explanations once and for all.

Nothing alone may be convincing. And each little thing taken alone seems coincidental. It’s the entire package which makes it very eerie and quite terrifying. There seems to be overwhelming evidence that pedophilia rings are within the government as a means of blackmailing people as an initiation tool to preserve power, control, and wealth under the guise of satanic rituals/black magic into their secret cabal. PizzaGate is NOT simply about a pizza shop. It’s about a mass network of child trafficking through possible means of the Clinton Foundation involving many people regardless of political party association.

Although there have been many accounts of this throughout the years, what ignited the investigation were the suspicious emails from John Podesta via Wikileaks. John Podesta is a former chairman of the Hillary Clinton campaign and a former Chief of Staff to Bill Clinton. Wikileaks has a 100% accuracy record for revealing government corruption over 10 years. Please read in entirety before you make up your mind and be aware that propaganda programs have existed, like Operation Mockingbird, and likely still do exist in order to control the people and prevent them from knowing what is truly going on.

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