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Hillary Clinton: The most dangerous woman in America

December 12, 2016

* Secret Service agent tells all – Full interview about Hillary’s Compulsive Psychotic Anger
Why Hillary lost the election
* Liberal nails exactly why Hillary lost
* Did Hillary really win the popular vote?  


Why Is Hillary Really Warning That ‘Fake News’ Is “A Danger That Must Be Addressed”?

Clinton Crime Family Reaches New Heights of Hypocrisy and Deception



Ruling cabal trots Hillary onto the MSM global stage for her biggest con yet!

Will they never learn? The Liberal Left?

Biden says he’ll run for prez in 2020 because he’ll be stronger than ever!  Is that because he’s receiving blood transfusions from children?

Nancy Pelosi is quite incredibly re-elected Minority leader.  She’s the DEM who is notorious for saying that we had to pass Obamacare so that the ACA legislation could finally be read.  For real!

Democratic Senator Harry Reid (somehow Senator just doesn’t fit there) was described by the WashPo as follows. And this is the good news describing Dirty Harry.

“As retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) says his goodbyes to Congress this week, he will leave behind three-and-a-half decades of unapologetic insults, sardonic judgments and sometimes just-plain-weird tangents.”[1]

Last but certainly not least in the 2016 Democrat lineup — as in a real-life criminal lineup — is their infamous presidential candidate, preferred hitman and now lady-in-purple Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The Queen of Fake News

Leave it to the utterly failed Democratic nominee to pitch the new MSM (Mainstream Media) ‘fake news’ meme for her Illuminati masters.[2]

Here’s the presidential candidate who was legally barred from holding public office within the U.S. Federal Government telling the world about the dangers of ‘fake news’.

U.S. CODE: Hillary R. Clinton is disqualified from holding any public office in the United States Government

That type of “fake news” (see previous link) is actually the true news that the MSM is prohibited from reporting.  Only the alternative media is now able to report the facts as they really happened.  However, the MSM is hellbent to change all that.

PIZZAGATE Will Be Used To Take Down The Alt Media…Unless We Are Vigilant

It appears that one Hillary Clinton has been recruited to the role of smearing the entire Alt Media with the spurious ‘fake news’ pejorative.  TPTB obviously chose her because she has the most to lose when the truth does comes out, especially about PIZZAGATE.  As follows:

The PIZZAGATE Evidence You Will NEVER See In The Mainstream Media

Given the content of the preceding links, it should now be easily understood why Hillary is in a fight for her life.  Her involvement is so deep and so long in so many real scandals that her criminal prosecution is inevitable.  PIZZAGATE will see to that.  And especially the people who prosecute it.


What really makes Hillary’s hawking of the ‘fake news’ meme so hypocritical is that it is only through an unrelenting barrage of utterly fake news form the MSM that she was even able to run for president.  Any lesser political mortal would have been locked away for the rest of their natural life with a rap sheet like hers.

No, not Hillary though.  In spite of her ongoing train wreck of serious scandals she was recklessly propped up by the DNC as their presidential nominee.  Now how were they really able to do that, except by creating more ‘fake news and narratives’ than the Allies did to win World War II.  After all, Hillary had a LOT of very serious baggage to contend with. The following exposé only scratches the surface.

Benghazigate Broke Open Emailgate,
Emailgate Broke Open Servergate,
Servergate and Emailgate Broke Open Weinergate,
Weinergate Broke Open Pizzagate

Anti-Russian Propaganda

Then there is the literal mountain of lies that Hillary, in collusion with the ever-corrupt DNC, have been telling about Russia.  They have coordinated what is perhaps the most intense disinfo campaign against Russia since the most volatile days of the Cold War.

Hillary, in particular, has used her high platform to accuse Russia of so many falsehoods you can’t keep track of them.  Of course, the presidential debates took her serial prevaricating to a whole new level whereby she openly promoted war with Russia.

Hillary Clinton Used Third Debate To Promote World War With Russia Based On Lies

The MSM-manufactured fake news that made the Clintons so popular

Any researcher conducting an objective retrospective analysis of the volumes of the MSM-manufactured fake news that was fabricated to advance Clinton’s candidacy would come up with a list of fake news like that contained in the following video transcript.

Bear in mind that a massive output of obviously fraudulent news reporting by the MSM was necessary to artificially prop her up before, during and after the 2016 presidential campaign season.

Transcript: How MSM-manufactured fake news kept Hillary out of prison and running for president


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