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Obama Administration scraps Entry-Exit Tracking System for migrants from Muslim countries

December 23, 2016


This Kenyan is a Trojan horse put into office to destroy USAs sovereignty, security and prosperity. America has been fooled and this bozo should be impeached and tried for treason.

Also, know why this fake (imposter) cannot bring himself to call radical Islamic terrorism for what it is? Check his bank account and you’ll probably find the answer.

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WASHINGTON (AP)—The Obama administration is officially ending a post-9/11 era registration system for immigrant men from mostly Muslim countries.

The decision to scrap the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System comes amid growing international terror fears and President-elect Donald Trump’s suggestions that he could ban Muslim immigrants from the United States.

Trump said Wednesday, “You know my plans.”

The NSEERS program was widely derided by civil libertarians as an effort to profile people based on race and religion.

The administration hasn’t been using the program since 2011.


From → World Watch

One Comment
  1. Elizabeth Taylor permalink

    Seriously, obama & killery SHOULD be ARRESTED for TREASON, ESPONIAGE, MURDER, ETC at the SAME TIME. OUR PRESIDENT, THE PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP IS SWORN INTO OFFICE. obama & killery need to be sent a message along with our action that one cannot get away with selling the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA AND HER PEOPLE down the river. There will be consequences to being an imposter and traitor. You both deserve to be in shackles for the rest of your lives. Dont worry, all those who were accomplices will be dealt with too. WE THE PEOPLE HAVE HAD ENOUGH -MUSLIN TERRIORISTS, LIES, NWO, LIES, MURDER, LIES, TAKING OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS, LIES, MSM, LIES, ILLEGALS (GET THESE PEOPLE OUT), LIES, NO JOBS, LIES, TAXES, LIES, ETC. Do I make myself CLEAR???

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