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December 24, 2016

Democrats Ask: “Was (Obozo) Bad For Democrats?”

– Hello, Obozo is an imposter put into office to hijack and destroy USA. America was sleeping and got shafted. But its not too late … America now has Donald Trump in office! –

* BREAKING – Congress DEFIES (Obozo), DEMANDS He Do THIS Until He Leaves Office
(Obozo) Hates Christianity and is an Enabler for Islamic Terrorism – Judge Jeanine
* Clinton Campaign Donors Demand Investigation Into Missing $1.5 Billion
* What Are They Afraid Of?
* Democrats FYI, You Have A Serious Problem … It’s Decision Time And Time For Action  


Is this a full-blown mutiny? Or did Democrats just reach the fifth stage of grief – “acceptance”? In a NYTimes op-ed, they begin by claiming that “President Obama will be remembered as a thoughtful and dignified president, but admit his legacy regrettably includes the more than 1,000 Democrats who lost their elections during his two terms. Republicans now have total control in half of America’s states … Why such political carnage?



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